In the wake of the pandemic, many of us have taken time out to learn new things at home. E-learning was already big before and it shows no signs of slowing down now. According to a Statista report, by 2026, the global e-learning market will be worth roughly 370 billion dollars. So this trend isn’t going anywhere.

You may have decided to take some time to learn more about coding. And if that’s what you’re looking for, there are a number of different services that can help you reach those goals. Zenva academy is one that you may not be quite as familiar with. 

It’s not the most well-known e-learning site but it can be a solid to excellent service depending on what you want out of your e-learning experience. In this review of Zenva Academy, we’re going to dig deeper into what’s on the site and what you can expect if you subscribe.

What is Zenva Academy?

Hopefully, our Zenva Academy review will tell you everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind platform – but for now, we’ll give you the short and sweet, condensed version so you can learn in one bite-sized nugget what this platform is all about!

Zenva Academy is an online learning platform that offers courses in a wide variety of technical skills. Meant to prepare learners for direct entry into various technology-related professions, this online school offers on-demand access to high-quality projects, video lessons, and courses in coding. 

It is a platform that is trusted by more than 100,000 developers and students – and counting. The training here is world-class and is one of the best. Founded in 2011, it’s a relatively new e-learning platform that is surely but steadily gaining traction with employers and industry professionals all over the world. 

Who is Zenva Academy For?

The academy can be used by students of all ages. Teens with an interest in coding can begin their journey with Zenva. It’s also available (and, to some extent, especially designed) for busy working adults who are looking to explore some new career options or even a hobby. 

The academy focuses on programming courses and also provides Zenva mini-degrees. None of these are not accredited. So if you’re looking to learn without a guarantee that you can use these courses for professional reasons, these courses will probably be ideal for you. 

In general, classes on Zenva Academy can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Game and App Development
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Development 

Zenva Academy is the perfect choice for learners who are sick of the same monotonous lessons in coding and other technical skills. With Zenva, you won’t just be sitting in front of a computer, watching instructors rattle off lists of information in boring on-demand videos. You also won’t have to log in at predetermined times of day – you can log on to the lessons whenever you’d like.

What really sets this platform apart from the others, though, is that it will allow you to learn by doing – and in a fun way! Zenva Academy requires its users to create their own games, apps, websites, and other projects. It also does much of its teaching directly through games as well!

While it’s not the best option for learners who want to build soft skills, such as those in communication and teamwork, it is a good option for professionals who want to directly improve the hard skills they need to land a job.

Chances are, if you are considering expanding your education in coding, programming, or some other highly technical field, then Zenva Academy is the right choice for you. 

How Does Zenva Academy Work?

Zenva Academy Courses

The online learning platform has more than 250 courses to choose from. The courses are multi-modal and offer video lessons and training.The courses cover a variety of topics like programming for basic websites, games, mobile apps, and more. 

Those courses include an RPG academy to teach students how to create role-playing games,a python mini-degree, a free bundle on the basis of programming called “Coding 101,” and many more kinds of training. 

Features and Functionality

Not sure if Zenva Academy is right for you? We will provide you with a full overview of the many pros and cons of this online learning platform below in our more detailed Zenva review, but for now, consider these top features.

Expert Instructors

The instructors are pretty well-vetted on Zenva and courses are frequently kept up to date. The academy releases free updates for premium and free classes and edits to keep the courses as up to date as possible. 

Courses in Numerous High-Demand Areas

When you’re on the site you can choose from several different topics that will help prepare you with the technical skills and coding skills you need to expand your career – or to pursue a new one.

You can choose from topics such as  data science, gaming, mobile apps, productivity, virtual reality & augmented reality, and web development. Those courses delve deeper into each topic. The gaming course includes topics like artwork, Unreal engine, HTML5, and multiplayer. Data science digs into databases, machine learning, and computer vision. 

Zenva Mini-Degrees

Zenva also offers mini-degrees that allows you to start a new career path. Those include things like Full-Stack Development, Unity Game Development, Python, and an Intro to Programming Bundle, to name a few. 

Zenva Academy courses and mini-degrees alike are both very flexible. You can study on-demand whenever you want to. They are perfect for adult learners who are balancing their coding lessons with other responsibilities

Certificate of Completion

Once you finish courses, Zenva Academy offers certificates of completion. These are not the same as finishing a course at a university and Zenva’s courses are not accredited. Therefore, they won’t allow you to transfer credit into a university program or something of that nature.

However, these courses could offer a certain level of practical knowledge that you can potentially apply in the real world – something you won’t get just from reading an article you find on Google about how to complete various technology-related tasks.

Also, just because the courses lack accreditation doesn’t mean that employers won’t value them. That said, it is something that you need to know before you invest all those hours into finishing these courses. 

Zenva Academy Pricing Model

Zenva Academy Pricing

Zenva uses subscriptions to give you access to the online platform. You can pay $30 a month for access to all courses under a monthly subscription or $24 a month if you pay for a yearly one. The Academy runs sales occasionally and accepts coupons so you can gain access to different prices. 

At the time of writing, the cost for a yearly subscription is $14 and a monthly one is $20. As mentioned before, certain courses, including several of the introduction courses like “Python 101” and “Coding 101” are free.

You can take the following free courses on Zenva Academy without having to pay a dime. Although the free course selection is somewhat limited, the beauty of taking free courses on this platform is that it will give you an idea of whether Zenva Academy is right for you. Plus, it will also provide you with an elementary-level training in core topics.

Consider taking free classes in:

  • JavaScript101 – First Programming Steps
  • Mobile Games 101 – Android and iOS Development
  • Python 101 – Introduction to Programming
  • Unreal Engine 101 – 3D Game Creation
  • Coding 101 Bundle – Programming Essential

Zena is incredibly affordable without sacrificing the quality. The free courses include numerous lessons that will cover everything you need to know to get started in a certain program of study. All you need is an Internet browser and you’re good to go – no credit card required.

It’s a great way to learn more about whether the platform is right to you. This is a Zenva feature that you shouldn’t overlook. In fact, this is something you will see praised in many Zenva review postings that you find online, with Zenva Academy users stating that they like how affordable this online platform is. Many comparative websites charge twice, three times, or even ten times more than Zenva Academy does. 


After reading several reviews, the general consensus is that Zenva’s customer support is responsive when needed and can handle a variety of issues. Reviewers and learners mention not having much of a problem getting in touch with the support team and gettin resolutions to their problems. 

Overall, Zenva is an effective way to learn more about programming and coding for a reasonable price. The website is pretty easy to navigate and offers many different ways to learn. 

Zenva’s interface can appear a bit dated at times, but it is generally pretty easy to find your way around and you can easily take the next steps without having to search too much for whatever it is you are looking for on this site.

The Advantages (Pros) of Zenva Academy

While there’s no single online learning platform that’s right for everyone, you’ll find that there are many advantages to taking classes with Zenva Academy. Here are some of the best reasons why many learners are turning to Zenva Academy to get the experience each needs to boost his career. 

Practical, Hands-on Approach To Learning

As mentioned before, Zenva Academy offers more than 250 courses on anything between gaming, productivity, data science, virtual reality, and much much more. These courses are not shallow, either. 

They offer courses in web development, game development, mobile development, full-stack development and more. If you’re interested in learning how to code and specifically programming it is a wealth of resources for a relatively low monthly price. 

The courses are multi-modal featuring videos, coding exercises and more. It also offers mini-diplomas concentrated on several topics. There are a lot of different ways to learn on the platform and it’s actually rather difficult to find many downsides.  

Multiple Free Courses Available

If you’re tight on cash you can still access some of Zenva Academy’s courses. There are 12 different entry-level courses available to the public for absolutely free. These courses offer students training and education in basic programming language and coding exercises. Students just beginning to learn how to code might benefit from the experience and training. 

For informative, albeit not accredited, courses the price one pays for the subscription is reasonable. You can even try several free courses before you decide to pay for a subscription. If you’re looking to develop a broad set of programming skills then it is a pretty cost effective option. If you’re looking for a course that’s guaranteed to make you more hirable, then this will likely not be worth it.  

Some of the Best Courses in Gaming

There are all kinds of online learning platforms out there that focus on programming, coding, and other technical skills that will likely help you get a job. However, when it comes to more specific niches, there is a saddening (and aggravating!) dearth of high-quality courses out there.

However, Zenva Academy helps to fill in any gaps you might find, particularly in gaming and game development.

You’ll cover all of the following courses and topics in your Zenva Academy courses:

  • Unity 2D
  • Unity 3D
  • HTML5
  • Godot
  • C++ 
  • Artwork
  • Unreal engine
  • Multiplayer

…and much more.

Courses Taught by Experts with Years of Experience

Zenva courses generally include videos that feature experts in the coding field. Some of these are even university-level courses taught at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton and other universities. 

Quality Customer Support

Read just about any review of Zenva Academy and they’ll all tell you the same thing – most praise the fact that Zenva Academy’s customer support was not only capable but also responsive. 

There’s a seven-day refund policy if you decide early on that you don’t like Geneva’s courses. A quick scan of the different reviews for the service doesn’t reveal that there aren’t many complaints of people not being able to get refunds. You likely won’t have problems getting your money back. 

The Disadvantages (Cons) of Zenva Academy

That said, with every benefit of a given e-learning platform, you’ll likely also find a few disadvantages. Here are some that stick out when considering Zenva Academy. 

Non-Accredited Certificates

While Zenva Academy’s courses are taught by experts and will likely teach you very valuable skills they are not accredited. To be clear, this means that any certificate of completion from Zenva will not be recognized by any official international institutions. You can still add the certificates to your portfolio to highlight your coding skills. However, if you’re looking for jobs, know that some employers may not recognize it. 

Only Computer and Coding-Related Topics Are Covered

While you can find a program of study in just about anything related to programming and coding on Zenva Academy, you’ll unfortunately have a hard time finding any courses in related topics here. Almost all of the classes focus solely on coding and programming – you aren’t going to be able to branch out much, even to related fields like business development or digital marketing.

Can’t Pay for Individual Courses

Although Zenva Academy is one of the most affordable online learning platforms out there, particularly for students who are interested in learning more about technical fields like coding and programming, it frustrates some users that there’s no option to pay by the course (rather than by a subscription-based model).

Despite the fact that Zenva Academy subscriptions are relatively low in cost, it can be off-putting to have to pay for a full subscription, especially if you only want to take one or two classes. This is a feature that is certainly possible, too, since there are dozens of other online learning platforms out there that will allow you to do this.

If you want to see what Zenva has to offer but don’t want to pay for the full subscription, again, it may be worth your time to just take one or two free classes to see what it’s like. 

Not the Best Design and User Experience

Zenva is easy to use but a bit unflashy. For most people, that is a benefit – there’s less junk to sift through in order to get the information you need. However, some people decry the fact that there just isn’t a lot to look at. You might find that using another platform where the courses are designed in a sleeker, more cohesive fashion, works better for you instead. 

Log on to the Zenva Academy homepage and you’ll notice right a way that it looks a bit out of date. You’ll see a detailed menu bar where you can view your accounts and see all available courses (as well as any courses you already started). YOu can also use a search tool to find what you are looking for. Scroll down and you should see a bit more information, such as the various platform features and courses that are available as new offerings.

However, it can be a bit more challenging to find Zenva Mini-Degrees – and even more challenging to truly engage and interact with the platform’s format. It’s really not the best user experience, especially not compared to the many other options out there. 

Zenva’s website design isn’t always the most aesthetically pleasing but if you can get past that there is a wealth of information on the site about some of the latest trends and information in programming, virtual reality, augmented reality and a lot more. 

Zenva Academy Alternatives

Looking for platforms that offer all the learning material you need – but perhaps not sold on Zenvo Academy? Here are some alternatives to this platform.

Several reviewers and commenters mentioned Udemy, which offers a variety of tech-related courses. Udemy actually offers some courses in topics that you might also find on Zenva Academy but also offers courses in things like entrepreneurship and marketing. If you’re looking for a more well-rounded education in the tech field it might be preferable. However, some reviewers warn that Udemy’s standards for instructors aren’t quite as strict as Zenva’s. 

To become an instructor on Udemy, you don’t have to meet any qualifications or standards. You just create an account and upload your courses! This is much different than the vetting process that many other e-learning websites, Zenva Academy included, do for their candidates. 

As Udemy offers a much wider range of courses, they tend to charge per course if you’re buying it for just yourself. These courses start at $12.99. You can pay various amounts if you’re paying for a team. 

Codecademy is a somewhat similar service that offers more free services, allows you to build  real websites, and offers forums for each class. It offers no video instruction, however. It also does not offer certificates of completion once you finish a course.  

Its premium service offers more exclusive learning content, more real-world projects, expert feedback, as well as mobile access plans for $40 monthly and $20 a month if you pay annually. 

Coursera offers accredited courses that can offer certifications that might carry some more weight in all workplaces. It offers many courses in coding that covers similar ground that Zenva, code academy, and Udemy cover. The service’s pricing model, however, is actually pretty complicated. 

College students can access certain courses for free. Other courses require one-time fees. 

Others offer separate fees for accredited certifications. There is also a subscription plan available and you can audit some courses for free. Here is the simple version. Individual courses will probably cost somewhere between $30-$100.So there’s a good chance you will pay more to find less of some of the same content you might find on Zenva. 


Zenva Academy offers quality instruction for a reasonable price. It could be argued that similar services offer less for more money. Other services like Udemy may not be cost effective if you only want to learn about coding and programming. 

If you have a somewhat specific interest in coding, Zenva Academy is actually the perfect choice. It focuses on programming and not just design. So if you’re learning to code from scratch, using this in conjunction with another free service to learn about basic design might actually help a bit more.. 

If you’re looking to do a coding bootcamp that gives you accredited certification to land a new job, Zenva may not be for you. Although we can’t guarantee that listing a certificate of completion from Zenva will or won’t help you land a job. 

The best thing you could probably do is learn more about what the companies you’re interested in are looking for in a candidate. This way, you will know if Zenva can help you meet your career goals. 

Of course, it’s also a great idea to start looking at what other people say about the many online learning platform options out there. Hopefully, this Zenva Academy review has been helpful in giving you the information you need to determine if Zenva courses are right for you, but if not, you’ll find that there are plenty of other options for you to choose from. 


Is Zenva Academy legit?

Yes. Zenva Academy is a legitimate coding academy and business and not a scam. It features a return policy and has received positive reviews from several legitimate customers and reviewers. 

Is Zenva Academy worth It?

That depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to learn more about various types of programming, it will do that for you. But bear in mind that the courses are not accredited and the courses can be somewhat long. So if you’re taking up coding lessons to get a job, you should double check that the companies you’re going to apply to do not require accredited courses. 

Are Zenva Academy courses worth the price?

By most accounts, the subscription cost of Zenva Academy is reasonable for the more than 250 courses you get access too. 

The most you’ll pay a month is $30 for a Zenva subscription.They also often run sales and accept coupon codes. There are cheaper services available and more expensive ones.If you’re looking for one particular course, it might not be cost effective to pay that much. 

Is Zenva Academy free?

Zenva offers about a dozen free introductory courses. The rest of the more than 250 are only accessible once you purchase a subscription. 

How much does Zenva Academy cost?

$30 a month for a monthly subscription. $24 a month for a yearly subscription. 

Who teaches Zenva Academy courses?

Various accomplished professionals and experts teach Zenva classes. 

What types of courses does Zenva Academy offer?

Zenva focuses on programming and data science classes. You can learn how to program apps, various games, virtual and augmented reality, experiences, various coding languages, and much more. 

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