Whether you are among the co-workers or your friends, you always need the skills for effective communication, perform better in teamwork, deal flawlessly with personal as well as work related issues that may cause some hindrance for you to be a productive individual.

This skill set adds up to what we know as emotional intelligence and they’re even more important as great emotional intelligence researchers have found that these skills are crucial to workplace achievements. 

Without any doubt, emotionally intelligent people are blessed with capabilities to stand out in the crowd in any situation. They are capable to sympathize, control impulses, preserve, communicate more clearly as well as effectively, make wise decisions and solve daily life issues which makes them earn friendships and professional success at the same time.

They are more likely to lead happier lives with stronger and satisfying relationships. While at work, they are the source of positive energy for their co-workers and tend to spur the productivity among others.

The good news is that skills that make up the emotional intelligence as well as social intelligence can be learnt and improved at any phase of life.

So get ready for emotional intelligence training because this career guide brings you top rated emotional intelligence online courses and one can make use of these courses to succeed in professional as well as personal life.

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1. Emotional Intelligence: Master Anxiety, Fear, & Emotions – Udemy

Emotional Intelligence- Master Anxiety, Fear, & Emotions – Udemy

This online course teaches you the techniques to recognize, overcome and cope with the negative emotions such as fear and anxiety. Your course tutor Joeel is Ph.D. scholar in psychology so you must expect to learn how positive psychology contributes to emotional intelligence while enhancing the positive emotions to strengthen the character. If you are experiencing low emotional intelligence at the workplace and you wish to stop your emotions from being uncontrolled and running wild then this is the best course for you to take.

What you may expect from this course? 

Enrollees of this course will have lifetime access to all the resources and will receive a verifiable certificate after completing the course. 

This course will enable you to explore the best version of yourself. At the same time, you will learn how to better understand others and manage your interpersonal relationships effectively.

What will this course teach you?

There are twenty eight downloadable resources including three articles to educate yourself and you’ll only have to spend six and half an hour of effort to finish this online course.

After taking this course, you should expect yourself to feel resilient enough to handle your life stressors. You’ll be taught how to live in the present moment and forget about the worries of what has happened already. You will feel able to keep yourself cool and calm in toughest situations


Instructor: Joeel and Natalie Rivera

Level: Basic

Class Project: N/A

Video Lectures: 50 lectures

User Review: 4.3/5 (7,062 ratings)

Price: $134.99

2. Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence – Coursera

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence – Coursera

Stop looking for programs or courses to acquire leadership qualities to influence your employees and subordinates at the workplace because this is one of the best online courses for you to inspire leadership skills through emotional intelligence.

Dr. Boyatzis is Greek American theorist and is a distinguished professor of psychology, cognitive science and organizational behavior at Case Western Reserve University. Taking this course for online learning means you are in safe hands. 

What you may expect from this course? 

This online course is available for a free audit, however, you have to pay if you want to receive a verifiable certificate from the university. The course will last for eight weeks and if you are ready to spend just nineteen hours in total with full attention, you can master all the tricks and tips to be emotionally intelligent.

What will this course teach you?

  • In the first week of the course, you will learn how neuroscience plays the role in the development of resonant leadership. 
  • In the second week, you’ll learn to deal with the chronic stress.
  • In the third week, you will get to know how emotional intelligence is linked with the leadership.
  • In the fourth week, you will learn how to introduce the desired change in accordance with future possibilities.
  • In the fifth week, neurological, relational and emotional factors will be examined by the learners to see how they influence sustained learning and development as well as peer coaching. 
  • In the sixth week, you’ll explore when you are in a mid-life crisis. 
  • Lessons in the seventh week will outline how desired change is facilitated on a personal level, in communities, organizations, countries and even on a global level. 
  • The last (eighth) week of this course will review and summarize all that you have learned in previous weeks.


Instructor: Dr. Richard Boyatzis

Level: Basic

Class Project: N/A

Video Lectures: N/A

User Review: 23

Price: FREE (Audit)

3. Emotional Intelligence at Work – FutureLearn

Emotional Intelligence at Work – FutureLearn

If you are looking for an online course to understand how to develop interpersonal relationships on a personal level or with your peers on an organizational level then this course is the best bet for you. Here Mr. Thompson will guide you to explore the meaning of emotional intelligence and its origins. 

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What you may expect from this course? 

You may expect this course to enable you to learn soft skills while knowing the best use of these skills in any particular situation. The best part is that enrollees will learn the incredible ways to gauge emotional intelligence through their body language.

By the end of this course, learners will get to know how to apply their learned practices in different organizational settings. This course will offer awesome real life examples of high emotional intelligence, mind-tools and soft skills that can be used in the context of the workplace for better performance.

What will this course teach you?

You will be taught by your instructor through this course to:

  • Measure the emotional intelligence 
  • Understand how to better intervene with the help of high emotional intelligence 
  • Practically implement your knowledge of emotional intelligence at workplace


Instructor: Anthony Thompson

Level: Basic

Class Project: N/A

Video Lectures: 5 lessons

User Review: 4.7/5 (119 ratings)

Price: FREE

4. Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work – edX

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work – edXBerkeley University of California offers this specialized course for those who intend to learn tried and tested soft skills and strategies to improve their emotional as well as social intelligence while strengthening the empathy and trust among the coworkers.

Here you will learn how to build a collaborative team successfully for effective, satisfying and productive professional experiences at your workplace. 

This four week online course will just need your maximum effort of two hours whereas you don’t have to pay a dime to enroll in this program. If you want to obtain the verified certificate from the university to prove that you have attended this online learning activity then you will have to pay $199 for that.

What you may expect from this course? 

This course will let you explore how the science of happiness and positive psychology work hand in hand at the workplace and how your own happiness depends on your interpersonal relationships.

This course will unfold the secrets of emotional wellbeing and will teach you how fostering the trust and cooperative attitude among the coworkers lead them to be productive, innovative and satisfied at the workplace. 

With the help of case studies, it will be taught how improving emotional intelligence skills can promote wellbeing at the workplace.

Reputation of the course instructors speaks for itself, they have inspired more than half a million online learners throughout the world.

What will this course teach you?

You will never regret enrolling in this course online as it will lead you to:

  • Explore how trust, empathy and cooperation are enrooted in the biological and psychological aspects of life
  • Recognize emotional and social intelligence skills that support the professionals to be productive and experience organizational happiness
  • Cultivate leadership qualities in your coworkers
  • Understand the role of social intelligence in organizational leadership
  • Develop the strategies offered by the researchers to strengthen the empathy and resolve the conflicts constructively 


Instructor: Dacher Keltner and Emiliana Simon-Thomas

Level: Basic

Class Project: N/A

Video Lectures: 5 lessons

User Review: N/A

Price: Free

5. Develop Your Emotional Intelligence – Alison

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence – Alison

Your performance at the workplace is very much influenced by your emotional intelligence which further helps you in developing leadership skills and interpersonal relationships.

This course is designed for those who want to learn effective decision making where they will be taught how to pick the right problem that needs to be solved at the workplace while getting others on board to minimize the risk.

This beginner level course will assist you in understanding how to interact with your own emotions and feelings. It will take only four hours to complete this entire course online and by the end you will receive a certificate as well. 

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What you may expect from this course? 

This online course will enable the learners to understand the components that make up the social and emotional proficiencies. It will help you to discover how to improve your emotional intelligence to boost your performance at the workplace.

You will be able to perceive the human emotions that play an influential role in decision making and developing interpersonal relationships.

Here you will have an opportunity to evaluate your reaction in a particular situation while keeping in mind how your attitude, emotions and feelings influence your behavior in that situation. So don’t miss the chance to find out various ways to practice emotional intelligence at the workplace. 

What will this course teach you?

This easy to comprehend and practice online course is comprised of six modules:

  • First module will introduce you with the course outline and will make you understand the course outcomes. 
  • Second module will let you discover the ins and outs of emotional intelligence, and its advantages and drawbacks at personal level as well as in an organizational setting.
  • Third module will impart the knowledge how to develop the emotions and how they come into action
  • There will be a detailed lecture on the models of emotional intelligence in the fourth module and you will get to know how it works as an ability or competency.
  • In the fifth module, you will be taught how to learn, develop and practice emotional intelligence.
  • In the last module, you will be assessed to know how much you have learnt throughout this course.


Instructor: Robin Hills

Level: Basic

Class Project: 2

Video Lectures: 6 Modules

User Review: 3.5/5 

Price: FREE

6. Leading with Emotional Intelligence – PluralSight

This beginner level course is designed and delivered by Jason Alba for those who want to master emotional intelligence skills while their career progresses. With Alba, you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into five particular pillars that make the emotional intelligence to help yourself grow in each of them. 

This emotional intelligence training will hardly take one and half an hour to acquire social and interpersonal skills that you need for self-management as well as professional growth. Alba is a self-help coach, online relationship manager and author of two books so enrollees of the course must have peace of mind that they have chosen a course led by an experienced emotional intelligence trainer.

What you may expect from this course? 

By the end of this course, you may expect yourself to be an expert at soft skills to work like a pro in an organizational setting. You will be able to respond to the ongoing demands of experience at the workplace while taking control of your emotions. In other words, you will be in a position to depict emotional self-regulation in a situation of difficult times while taking charge of your spontaneous reactions.

Finally you will be equipped with knowledge and skills of emotional intelligence to manage, lead and inspire effectively.

What will this course teach you?

Alba will teach the enrollees:

  • How emotional intelligence can be increased in the work environment at all levels among your employees to have an insightful impact on the way we enjoy our work and be productive.
  • Further you will learn about the five pillars of emotional intelligence along with the way to practice each of these pillars. You will explore how digging deeper into these pillars can change the lives of professionals and individuals alike. 
  • Alba assures the enrollees that they will feel confident and will be able to converse intelligently with their peers while implementing their knowledge of emotional intelligence in practice not only for themselves but for their coworkers as well.

This is one of the best online courses offered by Jason Alba and you must not miss the opportunity to be an emotionally intelligent professional.


Instructor: Jason Alba

Level: Basic

Class Project: N/A

Video Lectures: 5 lessons

User Review: 4.5/5 (39 ratings)

Price: FREE 10 Day Trial 

7. Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence – Udemy Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence – Udemy

By developing emotional intelligence and improving your communication skills, you can enable yourself to manage conflicts effortlessly at the workplace. This is another course offered by Hills in this list of courses because this is the best seller on Udemy and so far 23,448 learners have been enrolled in this online course. 

You don’t have to have prior knowledge of emotional intelligence, hence this course is very useful for the beginners as well. If you are keen to understand the conflicts and you wish to find the underlying causes to resolve them then this particular course must be your choice. 

What you may expect from this course? 

After completing this course, you will be able to identify why people get into conflicts and how they react to such a situation. You should be able to identify the best mode of conflict resolution and how rational responses differ in comparison to the emotional ones. You will be in a position to craft the strategies on your own to resolve the conflicts. 

Expect your instructor to teach you the healthy and positive role of the conflicts to develop better interpersonal relationships.  You will be equipped with the knowledge to recognize whether a particular conflict can be helpful or may cause some hindrance for you to work with your peers. 

After you have completed the course, you must be able to regulate your self-management behavior and preferences to better perform at the workplace. Finally expect yourself to master the emotional intelligence skills while resolving the conflicts and building the strongest emotional bonds.

What will this course teach you?

This course offers plenty of resources for the enrollees with life-time access. 

  • In the first seven lectures, enrollees will learn the concept of conflict and why it happens.
    • There is a kind of cost and benefit analysis of the conflict that students are taught to determine when it occurs
    • Enrollees learn about the factors that play significant role in resolving the conflict
    • Enrollees are taught the trust equation to better understand how to develop the trust
    • Learn the use of emotional bank account that can be utilized to develop the trust
    • At the end, issues of bullying are discussed that happen at the workplace
  • With the help of twelve lectures, learn how to be assertive and how it can benefit you in organizational environment 
    • Understand the difference between aggressive, assertive and passive behavior
    • Also you will learn the art of saying “No”
    • Learn the management of the toxic situation effectively
    • There are nine lectures to teach the enrollees how conflicts can be managed with the help of emotional intelligence
    • Learn about the famous Chimp Paradox that will help the learners understand the mind management
    • Learn five different modes of conflict management 


Instructor: Robin Hills

Level: Basic

Class Project: 19

Video Lectures: 77

User Review: 4.5/5 (6,559 ratings)

Price: $169.99

8. Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty & Stress – Coursera

Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty & Stress

If you are an educationist or working in a school, then you must have been through difficult times while dealing with school staff, management and students. This particular online course is designed for the professionals working in a school environment.

Through this course, you are provided with emotional intelligence skills and knowledge to craft your own strategies so that you can manage emotions of yourself and of the people around you.

What you may expect from this course? 

This online course is designed to offer emotional intelligence training to the school staff as well as students of science to train them on how to control the impact of stress. It offers them an opportunity to develop and apply emotional, social and interpersonal skills / strategies.

Students and staff members learn to identify and manage their emotions. Enrollees of this course can access the resources, tips, tricks and ideas which are helpful in the situation of uncertainty and heightened stress. 

What will this course teach you?

It will take just four hours to complete all eighteen video lectures of this course in four weeks:

  • In the first week, you will learn how emotions can be a hindrance in one situation but can be of help in some other. Here you will have the opportunity to learn various aspects of self-management such as decision making, keeping the focus on your target, managing relationships, managing the performance and much more.
  • In the second week of the online course, you will learn the art of identifying your own emotions.
  • Through four video lectures, action strategies will be taught by your instructor to manage your emotions.
  • How to control / direct your thoughts and emotions is something very important that you will learn in the final week of this course.


Instructor: Marc Brackett

Level: Basic

Class Project: N/A

Video Lectures: 18

User Review: 4.8/5 (451 ratings)

Price: FREE


What you want to get out of your selected course will determine your choice. It means you need to work out a little bit. So you need to decide whether you want to get hands on some emotional intelligence course to achieve personal goals or you intend to achieve some organizational objectives.

So if you have skimmed through the details provided in this career guide and you have found the most appropriate course for yourself then simply visit the online platform where that course is being offered and you can start learning right away.

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