The beauty of Skillshare courses is that these courses range from beginner level through to expert, so no matter what you choose you are certain to get a great opportunity to learn something new or upskill and refresh your knowledge base.

There is a huge range of different courses in different categories. The online courses can be categorized into five different topics; Creative Arts, Cookery, Lifestyle, Technology and Business, so there really is something for everyone.

Below is an assessment of some of the most exciting Skillshare classes that make the commitment worth your while. In the new age of online learning, online business and online everything else due to Covid-19; there has never been a better time to take up something new and look inward at what you want to achieve in the future.

The best Skillshare classes can help you achieve your goals and advance your career and future prospects by teaching you actionable processes, skills and techniques.


Techie Courses


1. User Experience Design Essentials: Adobe XD UI UX Design

User Experience Design Essentials- Adobe XD UI UX Design - Skillshare

The UI / UX design classes from Skillshare are great educational resources for everyone from beginner level to people who have experience but have more of a niche focus.

Classes are broken up into short lessons and are taught by experts in the field through online tutorials. UI/UX designers create friendly interfaces that allow users to grasp the use of complex technology. This course can help beginners master the basics of visual and website design, and help professionals improve their typography skills and design thinking processes.

This is a great pathway to consider if you want a job that is fun, creative and a challenge, with the UI Industry on an upward trajectory, salaries in this sector are also rising. This course has been taken by nearly 20,000 students with reliable teaching from an Adobe Certified Instructor. Beginners on this course have noted that the class exceeded their expectations greatly and instructor Dan has nearly 350 amazing reviews for his winning tutelage.

2. Coding 101: Python for Beginners

Coding 101- Python for Beginners - Skillshare

This course gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of coding using the programming language Python, with modules that cover Data Types, Control logic and Functions, by the end of the course the aim is that you will be able to produce tools like a password strength checker and secret messages as well as applied tools like an email list format.

Experience in coding can lead to careers in App or Website design. The best thing about the online learning platform is that slides are available to download and there are links for further reading so you can progress and learn at your own pace. The course Instructor, Alvin Wan, is a former Artificial Intelligence PhD student at UC Berkeley and has got recognition as a top teacher on Skillshare.

This course is a little lesser-known, probably because you will need premium membership to view the class but it is still one of the best picks for anyone interested in coding and programming.

3. The JavaScript Toolkit: Write Cleaner, Faster & Better Code

As one of the most notable software languages of the 21st Century, this Skillshare course offers an in-depth JavaScript guide that will help you to write cleaner, quicker and improved code including a number of different skills and techniques that every aspiring web developer should know.

The course gives tutelage to help participants embrace JavaScript development and gain a foothold in the Java community. Well worth the investment if you are an aspiring creator for any kind of web tech.

The course contains 12 digestible episodes that can be viewed at your own pace and is suitable for all levels of learning. You also know you are receiving the highest quality of learner as teacher Chris Heilmann is a Senior Developer at Microsoft and the author of several JavaScript books.

Creative Courses


4. Digital Illustration: Learn to Use Procreate

Taught by Jarom, a freelance illustrator from Salt Lake City, Procreate is an amazing app that allows users to create and develop their designs and turn them into awe-inspiring digital artwork. Running beginners through the basics, this course is fantastic for anyone who wants to take a step into the creative space, but they aren’t sure where to start.

With over 100,000 students on Skillshare, the digital illustration course is incredibly popular and worthwhile when you consider the value of the Skillshare pricing especially if you opt for the Skillshare Premium membership. 109,664 students have taken this course with over 650 projects completed, the class is suitable for beginners, but the helpful tips and tricks are useful for anyone who uses Procreate.

5. iPhone Filmmaking: Create Cinematic Video with your Phone

iPhone Filmmaking- Create Cinematic Video with your Phone - Skillshare

The beauty of an iPhone Filmmaking course is how accessible it is. Most people already have the technology in order to complete the course. You might have to invest in an app to get the best results, but you don’t have to venture out and buy more expensive equipment.

iPhone Filmmaking will teach you simple techniques such as methods for filming and transferring and editing your film roll to help you make amazing reels from your Phone. This is the perfect course for you if you are hoping to become an influencer, vlogger or you are hoping to land a digital marketing role. As you would expect from instructors in filming the video and audio content of the lessons are superb.

6. Storytelling 101: Character, Conflict, Context & Craft

Storytelling 101- Character, Conflict, Context & Craft - Skillshare

A worthwhile course for any aspiring author, storytelling 101 teaches the basics of character and content development to help you craft and give context to your narratives. A great course to help you improve if you want to start writing and have great ideas, but you want to develop them further.

This is a quick 40-minute tutorial from urban fantasy writer Daniel José Older, the nature of the short lesson is to help you construct and give context to your own narrative and bring your stories to life.

Not all Skillshare classes have to be long to be informative and you can access all short online courses too depending on the Skillshare plans you choose. With a huge student base of 29,500, this course is well worth taking if you love narrative and want to receive the highest value education from a New York Times Best Selling Author.

Business Skillshare Courses


7. Fundamentals of Google Analytics

Fundamentals of Google Analytics - Skillshare

Conducted by Jeff Sauer, a statistician runs users through the functionality of Google analytics, a great tool for entrepreneurs and start up’s alike that gives insights and data for website analysis. Jeff Sauer runs the class through the use of terminology and looks at social and search data and who is viewing your website.

The beauty of Google Analytics is that it is free and you can access the same tools that are used by the professionals in this field and can learn how to use this tool effectively all for the Skillshare cost.

The online course is rated for beginners so it is perfect for people with no prior knowledge of how Google Analytics works but they want to build their business and having an analytics dashboard can help.

8. Introduction to Project Management: Methods & Tactics for Success

Introduction to Project Management- Methods & Tactics for Success - Skillshare

Brett Harned, the director of education at TeamGantt introduces his class to the fundamentals of project management. With over 12,000 students, Brett gives you an insight into project management essentials and the use of psychology when it comes to leading people to help make your venture a success.

With bite-sized lessons, students aren’t overwhelmed with too much information and the course includes demonstrations to help users who learn kinetically while making the most of online tools. 54% of class attendees voted that this course met their expectations, with 40% stating it exceeded their expectations.

The students particularly enjoyed the examples provided by Harned, as they were helpful in the learning process.

9. Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Introduction to SEO- Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs - Skillshare

Great for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to grow their brand through search engine optimization. With nearly 54,000 students this is one of the more popular classes on Skillshare. Rand Fishkin takes students through an introduction to SEO and exposes myths and theories that have swarmed the industry in a 90-minute segment.

SEO optimization is a useful skill for branding and marketing professionals and looks great on any resume as the skills are recognized universally. At the end of this class, students can partake in a project and put their newfound skills into practice.

With over 1763 reviews, the course is highly rated by beginners because of how engaging the class is and how clear and easy the instructions are to follow.

Best Skillshare Classes for Lifestyle


10. Interior Design Basics: Simple Steps to Your Perfect Space

Lessons are packed full of information on how to make your space special. From modules on colour palates and lifelong purchase items to create your own personal stamp in your home, Lauren Cox leads the way in all things interior design. With tips and tricks to turn your home into a solace, you will never want to venture out again.

This course outlines the basic principles of improving décor and interior concepts to make any space aesthetically pleasing, students can take what they have learned and put it into practice at the end of the course by working on a project of their own.

With nearly 50,000 students having taken the class the course is highly rated, especially for beginners and the segments aren’t overly long so taking the course doesn’t require endless commitment. The best thing about Skillshare is that you can revisit courses over and over again if you want to.

11. Everyday Flowers: Simple, Stunning Arrangements for Any Occasion

Everyday Flowers- Simple, Stunning Arrangements for Any Occasion - Skillshare

Helping scholars create beautiful flower arrangements appropriate for any occasion, the unlikely florist, Spencer Falls exposes the class to the tools and tricks to combine picked flowers into stunning bouquets.

As well as presenting students to the art and beauty of pressed and dried flowers. Available to people of all abilities and levels, the perfect class for any flower lover who wants to brighten their table and home with their own perfect creations. Flower arranging is such a useful skill, but it is also great as a hobby and can be very therapeutic.

The flower arranging can boost mood, improve dexterity and reduce stress and anxiety, the people who rated this course have said that it will likely exceed your expectations.

12. Designing the Life You Want: 4 Exercises for Clarity and Motivation

Designing the Life You Want- 4 Exercises for Clarity and Motivation - Skillshare

What do you value? Content creator Michelle delves students into the world of self-help by taking scholars through the art of intentional reflection and manifestation exercises to increase motivation and clarity in their everyday lives.

The sequence comes with a workbook that coordinates with the online video to guide you through activities that can be repeated over and over, to achieve a sense of clarity and get you moving. Investing in Skillshare premium is a great way to gain access and download online resources.

A Skillshare staff pick, this course has received ratings that it met the expectations of its students and in most cases, it exceeded them, with Michelle’s teaching style dubbed as engaging.


13. Creative SongWriting for Beginners

Creative SongWriting for Beginners - Skillshare

If you are a music lover who wants to understand the practice of songwriting and take on a new venture this is the perfect course for you. Teacher Eve Horne, an accomplished singer / songwriter and music mogul, guides you through the processes and techniques of writing verses and helps inspire you on your creative lyrical journey.

You will learn the basic principles of form, tempo and structures of songs while helping you get into the mindset and writing space and give you confidence in your ability to write songs.

This is another course that is currently flying under the radar but not to be missed. Horne is revered by those who have taken the class as enigmatic and engaging, as well as being great at giving clear cut, easy to grasp instructions.

Why Choose Skillshare?


To Learn

The platform supports learning for all levels, so you do not need entry-level qualifications in order to learn something new and improve your knowledge. For users, Skillshare is perfect when you want to harness skills needed by employers to get a new role and additional content for your resume.

A free platform (ad supported) or uninterrupted access to all courses for a small price helps users land high paying roles in a huge range of industries. You are also getting high-quality education for an extremely low price.

All educators on the site go through a vigorous screening process to ensure that their classes are up to specifications and checking that people aren’t being scammed or watching questionable materials.

There is also an online rating system in place to rate courses and classes and you can always read the course reviews before you make a commitment to undertaking the lessons.

To Teach

It is also a great platform for teachers  and people who want to share their skills and stay on top of their industry when it comes to trends in learning. Teachers can develop their skills on Skillshare and gain the much-needed experience to take on a face to a face teaching role.

You can earn money while you develop your teaching skills and receive a reliability and trust rating from your students to track your progress and improve.  Note that students will also pick your course based on your reviews and ratings, your bio should be really candid and up to scratch to entice users. Luckily there is a Skillshare Teachers Handbook to help you.

Teaching isn’t only great for people who teach for their career, it is also a great way for business professionals to boost not only their income but their presentation skills whilst generating traffic for their companies and products. A way to share skills and advertise and plug your business at the same time.

It’s Accessible

Skillshare’s accessibility doesn’t end with the fact that selected courses are free, but it is also incredibly easy to navigate. The dashboard categorizes all the courses and you can search for a skill you want to learn just as easily. It’s perfect for browsing and presents each video module one after the other so you won’t miss out or skip past important tips and tricks.

It is evident that the creators of Skillshare understand the need for a premium user experience when it comes to education. You’ll be able to access your courses from any device including your phone so you can learn on the go and on your own time.

One of the major added benefits is that classes won’t be interrupted by other disruptive or attention-seeking classmates so you can learn your way. There is also a discovery search that takes into account your previous participation in courses and generates options for other courses you might enjoy to further your study.

Community in Mind

Premium membership is not only beneficial in terms of the special features and additional courses you gain access to but it also opens up the opportunity for you to meet like-minded learners in a great, friendly online space.

Another great aspect of learning with this website is that a portion of the proceeds that are generated by the premium membership price go towards selected charities and non-profit organizations that require help with financial backing. A worthwhile way to learn.

The people at Skillshare believe that collaboration between creatives is important and have put structures in place for groups of people to coordinate and work on projects together. The possibilities are endless.


Skillshare Price

Exploring, learning, creating and developing new skills  has never been easier with courses in photography, writing, meditation, business skills and gardening Skillshare has something to offer for everyone.

You can get yourself two weeks free of Skillshare Premium giving users unlimited access to all courses and resources when you sign up via the Skillshare site. After the two-week period, premium membership works out at under $100 per annum or $19 per month, not a lot when you consider the amount of access you get to the online learning platform.

The free version is ad-supported which means classes may be interrupted for advertising purposes so if you plan on taking a number of courses opting for premium will give you unfettered access.

The free version will grant you access to selected classes and courses, you may need the upgrade if you’re interested in developing a skill that is a little more niche. With over 20,000 classes you will be hard-pressed to choose what you want to learn next.

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Things to Note

A frequently asked question about the platform is if the courses are accredited, the answer is no. Skillshare is not a university or college and therefore cannot give accreditation for completion of a course, they cannot issue certificates at the end of your classes or projects so there is no official grades or scoring system to track your learning.

You can also cancel your membership at any time, so you are not committed to paying fees or a contract for your learning. You can sign up to use the service for a few weeks while you complete courses and achieve what you want and cancel easily once you are done.

But in all likelihood, you will want to keep your access due to the great experience you have on the platform and the range of learning it offers.

Students who have an .edu email address can get access to Skillshare premium for a reduced rate as part of Skillshare’s mission to provide universal access to high-quality educational resources. You can also buy Skillshare gift cards for people who may need a little help with the fees but are eager to learn and grow on the online platform.

Maybe you have a family member who wants to start arranging their own bouquets but needs some extra help. By giving them a Skillshare card you are helping them achieve their goals and meet like-minded people.

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