Data analysis is the science of analyzing data by various processes such as data cleaning, data transformation, and modeling data for discovering meaningful insights for business decisions. In recent years, data has become the “new oil” of the industry, and examining data ensures organizations obtain precise information to direct their operations to achieve the business objectives. 

From identifying demographic groups and addressing their needs, identifying patterns to predicting actions for problems areas, and uncovering business opportunities, the job of a data analyst has become the core of every business thriving to achieve competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, with data analysis encompassing several opportunities, the job roles have become more exciting. 

Today, the data analysis industry has various exciting career prospects as a data scientist, machine learning engineers, data engineers, and many more and this trend continues to evolve each year. Therefore, aspirants and experienced professionals aiming for a future-proof career should upskill themselves with the appropriate skills to dive into a lucrative career with tremendous job satisfaction and growth.

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1. Data Analysis and Visualization Foundations Specialization by IBM – Coursera

Data Analysis and Visualization Foundations Specialization by IBM – Coursera

This course on Coursera is one of the essentials for beginners to learn data analysis. In this specialization, the learners will be prepared for a data-driven transformation by understanding the core principle of data analysis. Moreover, they will cover the concepts of deriving insights from data and communicating the findings and the data visualization techniques for a better presentation of data. 

In addition, the learners will explore the tools with multiple hands-on sessions to work on data discovery effectively. Furthermore, the concepts of the modern data ecosystem comprising databases and additional data sources within and outside the organization are covered in-depth. Besides, the learners will explore advanced Excel functionalities to data analysis and employ various techniques like summarization, sorting, filtering, and pivot tables throughout this program. 

Finally, the learners will understand the practical aspects of creating stunning visualization to communicate analysis results in an interactive way which is essential in an organization. 

The course curriculum includes:

Introduction to Data Analytics

The first module presents a gentle introduction to the concepts of data analysis, the role of data analysts, and various tools to perform the tasks in a business environment. In addition, the learners will gain knowledge about the data ecosystem and the fundamentals such as data collection and data mining. Furthermore, soft skills such as communicating results of the analysis to stakeholders. Furthermore, the learners will have explicit knowledge about the roles of a data scientist, data analyst, and data engineer. Besides, the concepts on big data platforms, tools for on-premise and cloud, data warehouse are covered throughout this module.

Excel Basics for Data Analysis

In this module, the working knowledge is focused upon various concepts on using Excel spreadsheets for data analysis. There are multiple demos and follow-along examples to build the practical experience of the learners. In addition, concepts like data cleansing, data wrangling, and other techniques like filtering, sorting, and pivot tables are provided. Moreover, this module followed practice and applied to learn approach, with each concept covered through hands-on exercises. The learners will understand data manipulation and organizing and formatting data to make reports readable.

Data Visualization and Dashboards with Excel and Cognos

The final module deep dives into the first steps of data visualization development with the help of spreadsheets and dashboards. The learners will learn how to add charts, pivot functions, and create dashboards with unique properties to transform the data. Besides, the learners will gain valuable experience working with the IBM Cognos Analytics tools to create interactive dashboards.

Instructor: Rav Ahuja, Sandip Saha Joy, Steve Ryan, and Kevin McFaul

Level: Beginner

Duration: 4 months

User Review: 4.8/5

No. of Reviews: 771

Price: Free Enrollment (Additional charges for certification may apply)

2. Data Mining Specialization by University of Illinois – Coursera

Data Mining Specialization by University of Illinois – Coursera

The course is offered on Coursera. This certificate program offers comprehensive knowledge about data mining techniques for structured and unstructured data, understanding data schema and natural language text, and applying tools and techniques for data analysis. 

In addition, the learners will explore concepts with practical examples on pattern discovery from data, clustering, text retrieval, text mining, data analytics functionalities, and data visualization. Although this specialization is part of the Master of Computer Science Degree in Data Science, it can be enrolled separately. 

The course modules are:

  • Data Visualization
  • Text Retrieval and Search Engines
  • Text Mining and Analytics
  • Pattern Discovery in Data Mining
  • Cluster Analysis in Data Mining
  • Data Mining Project

Instructor: John C. Hart, Jiawei Han, and ChengXiang Zhai

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 8 months

User Review: 4.5/5

No. of Reviews: 1820

Price: Free Enrollment (Additional charges for certification may apply)

3. Introduction to Data Analytics for Managers by University of Michigan – edX

The course is available on edX for enrollment for new participants. In this program, the learners will explore data science techniques and tools for analyzing business data, explore Microsoft Azure for analytics with the help of programming languages like SQL. Furthermore, the learners will delve into the machine learning concepts and statistical techniques and their application in businesses. 

There are real-world case studies explored in the course to identify how expert data analysts leverage data and their big data skill alongside other analytical techniques to improve the company’s overall performance. In addition, there are hands-on learning sessions where learners will understand the programming environment to use the tools and understand applying data science in business. 

Besides, the learners will understand the graphical development environment that allows the use of advanced tools without coding requirements and perform several data analytical tasks from scatter plots, relationship assessment, SQL queries to acquire data from multiple resources, hypothesis tests, and machine learning experiments for data analysis.

Instructor: Amitabh Sinha and Sanjeev Kumar

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 6 weeks

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: Free Enrollment ($50 for Optional Upgrade and Certification)

4. Data Analytics for Business by Georgia Tech – edX

Data Analytics for Business by Georgia Tech – edX

This online program is offered on edX. The certificate course focuses on providing the essential concepts of cutting-edge technologies in the field of data analytics used in every industry. 

Some of the key concepts covered in this program include data transformation and finding insights for businesses. In addition, the learners will cover various challenges encountered in data analysis and the methodologies for improving the performance. Furthermore, from the technical perspective, the learners will deep dive into business analytics algorithms and the programming language for mastering the skills. 

At the end of the course, the learners will have comprehensive knowledge about systematically approaching business problems using data analytics to improve business performance and develop new analytical ideas for analyzing data using various business analytics software and programming languages.

Instructor: Frederic Bien

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 16 weeks

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: Free Enrollment ($840 for Optional Upgrade and Certification)

5. Become a Data Analyst Nanodegree Program – Udacity

This nanodegree program is offered on Udacity. In this course, the learners will advance their programming skills to work on complex datasets and business problems. Additionally, the concepts of preparing data and creating visualizations for data exploration will be covered in-depth with various hands-on sessions. 

Finally, the learners will learn to implement Python, SQL, and statistics to uncover critical findings from enormous datasets and communicate data-driven business solutions to the management. There are few prerequisites for the course that includes prior experience working with data using Python and knowledge about the Python libraries.

Moreover, the learners must complete the final capstone project to attain the data analyst career certificate. Besides, the course provides technical mentorship and project feedback from experienced industry leaders. 

The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Practical Statistics
  • Data Wrangling

Instructor: John Bernhard, Sebastian Thrun, Derek Steer, Juno Lee, Mike Yi, David Venturi, and Sam Nelson

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 4 months

User Review: 4.6/5

No. of Reviews: 2250

Price: $310/Month/$1056 for 4-Month Access

6. Data Analysis with Pandas and Python – Udemy

Data Analysis with Pandas and Python – Udemy

The data analysis tutorial is offered on Udemy. The learner will explore data analysis techniques using the Python programming language and the associated libraries in this course. Moreover, the concepts on performing data operations such as grouping, pivoting, and joining data are covered with practical sessions to build the programming skills of the learners. 

Data manipulation and resolving broken or incomplete datasets are critical topics covered throughout the practical exercises. The perquisites include the basic experience of Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software, Python programming basics, and advanced knowledge of data types. 

The course modules are:

  • Installation and Setup
  • Python Crash Course
  • Series and Data Frames
  • Filtering Data
  • Data Extraction
  • Working with Text Data
  • MultiIndex
  • The GroupBy Object
  • Merging, Joining, and Concatenating Data Frames
  • Working with Dates and Times in Datasets
  • Input and Output in Pandas
  • Visualization
  • Options and Settings in Pandas
  • Conclusion

Instructor: Boris Paskhaver

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 20 hours and 37 minutes

User Review: 4.6/5

No. of Reviews: 14,674

Price: $17

7. Data Analyst Master’s Program in Collaboration with IBM – Simplilearn

Data Analyst Master’s Program in Collaboration with IBM – Simplilearn

This is a specialization program available on Simplilearn. The certification program is well-equipped with foundational concepts to the advanced concepts for learners to become experts in data analysis. 

The learners will explore the tools and techniques for data analytics and gain the expertise of working with SQL databases and the programming languages such as Python and R. Furthermore, the learners will learn to create data visualizations and apply statistical techniques to perform predictive analysis for a business environment. 

By the end of the course, the learners will enhance their programming skills and the tools to perform essential tasks such as descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, Tableau for data visualization, Power BI and organizing data using dashboards. 

The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • Tableau Training
  • Programming Basics and Data Analytics in Python
  • Data Science with R Programming
  • Math Refresher
  • Statistics Essential for Data Science
  • Electives: Power BI, Programming Refresher, Industry Master Class Data Analytics, SQL Training
  • Data Analyst Capstone

Instructor: Industry Professionals

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: Self-Paced

User Review: 4.6/5

No. of Reviews: 37,546

Price: $610

8. Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics by Purdue University – Simplilearn

The post-graduate program is offered in collaboration with IBM. It is available on Simplilearn. In this course, the learners will cover critical topics in data analysis such as data visualization, regression techniques, and supervised learning with various applied learning models to gain practical experience with industry projects. 

Additionally, the learners will cover statistical concepts and perform data analysis using programming languages like Python, and R. Besides, interacting with databases using SQL and visualizing data using Tableau and Power BI will be covered thoroughly through various follow-along demonstrations and practical assignments. Three capstone industry projects are mandatory to be completed successfully to be eligible for the certification. 

The course curriculum includes:

  • Analytics Foundation
  • Programming foundation and Data Analytics with Python
  • R Programming for Data Science
  • Tableau Training
  • Electives: Power BI, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Course, Master Class- Purdue University, Industry Master Class- Data Analytics
  • Data Analyst Capstone

Instructor: Patrick J. Wolfe and Ronald Van Loon, Purdue University Experts and IBM Experts

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 8 months

User Review: 4.6/5

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: Monthly: $76.7/One-Time Fee: $2312

9. Data Analytics with R Certification Training – Edureka

The course is available on Edureka. This certification training will help learners to gain expertise in R programming. Besides, the learners will have a solid understanding of the concepts of data manipulation, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, data mining, regression, and sentiment analysis. 

Additionally, the learners will work on various real-world case studies across retail and social media domains. 

Finally, advanced topics such as the ensemble of decision trees and collaborative filtering are covered with follow-along examples. 

The takeaways from the course are:

  • Thorough understanding of the concepts around business intelligence and business analytics.
  • Recommendation systems, association rule mining, user-based collaborative filtering.
  • Item-based collaborative filtering
  • Supervised learning techniques
  • Algorithms like decision trees, logistic regression, support vector machines, and ensemble techniques
  • R packages for plots
  • Additional machine learning techniques for data analysis

The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Introduction to R Programming
  • Data Manipulation in R
  • Data Import Techniques in R
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization in R
  • Data Mining: Clustering Techniques
  • Association Rule Mining and Collaborative Filtering
  • ANOVA and Sentiment Analysis
  • Decision Tree and Random Forest
  • Project Work

Instructor: Industry Professionals

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 5 weeks

User Review: 5/5

No. of Reviews: 25,000

Price: $245

10. Data Analysis for Decision-Making by Rochester Institute of Technology – edX

Data Analysis for Decision-Making by Rochester Institute of Technology – edX

This training program is available on edX. The course is focused on preparing participants to work with data efficiently and transform the data into information. There are in-depth concepts on data visualization, big data, data collection, and various analytical tools for data analysis. Additionally, the learners will be able to gain proficiency with software and programming languages to read, write, interpret, and communicate data, including the understanding of data sources and constructs. 

At the end of the course, the learners will be well-equipped with handling data, using Microsoft Excel to organize and clean data, creating data analysis plan, Tableau for graphical and tabular representations and visualizing data, and integrating various points of the data with other information to derive business information for decision-making. 

Finally, the learners will also have the skillset to identify any misrepresentations of data and accurately transform them for representations. 

The course modules include:

  • Data Literacy Foundations
  • Data Processing and Analysis with Excel
  • Data Representation and Visualization in Tableau

 Instructor: Beth Prince-Bradbury

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 3 months

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: Free Enrollment ($761 for Optional Upgrade and Certification)

11. Become a Data Analyst Learning Path – LinkedIn Learning

Become a Data Analyst Learning Path – LinkedIn Learning

The learning path comprises various courses from the beginner to the advanced concepts to master data analysis skills. It is available on the LinkedIn Learning platform.

In this course, the learners can expect to cover concepts on examining data, various tools for data analysis, and the basics of mathematical and statistical skills required to be a successful data scientist. Besides, the learners will communicate the information acquired from the analysis and the concepts of data visualization and its importance.

Throughout the program, the learners will be working on their problem-solving skills with practical sessions to gain expertise. 

The course curriculum includes:

  • Learning Data Analytics
  • Data Fluency: Exploring and Describing Data
  • Excel Statistics Essential Training
  • Learning Excel: Data Analysis
  • Learning Data Visualization
  • Power BI Essential Training
  • Tableau Essential Training

Instructor: Robin Hunt, Barton Poulson, Joseph Schmuller, Curt Frye, Bill Shander, and Gini von Courter

Level: Beginner

Duration:24 hours

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: Prices available on Sign-Up

12. Data Analytics Using Python Expert Track – FutureLearn

Data Analytics Using Python Expert Track – FutureLearn

The expert track is a specialization course offered on Futurelearn. This program is co-created by Futurelearn, Coventry University, in collaboration with GitHub. The training program includes fundamentals and advanced concepts of Python programming necessary for performing advanced analytics on complex business problems. Furthermore, the learners will explore how to work quickly with data using tools and libraries and integrate systems effectively. Besides, the learners will understand the entire procedure from data collection, manipulation, and organizing data to conclude decision-making. 

In addition, the learners will gain proficiency in dealing with large datasets using various tools and techniques for analysis. Next, the learners will delve into advanced concepts of exploring data using Python and how to develop critical elements of Python for demonstrating data. 

The concepts of data ingestion using Python and understanding data types and their sources are covered in detail. The takeaways from this course include Python programming know-how, advanced data analytics, data wrangling, descriptive statistics, data query language, and fundamentals of statistical techniques. 

The course modules are:

  • Data Analytics and Python Fundamentals
  • Python Packages: NumPy and Pandas Dataframe
  • Data Wrangling and Ingestion using Python

Instructor: Ed Marks

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 12 weeks

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: $39/month

13. Data Analytics Masters Program – Edureka

This is an extensive specialization program offered by Edureka. In this online course, the learners can expect to gain proficiency with tools and systems implemented for data analytics by professionals in the industry. In addition, the learners will be provided with in-depth training for statistics, R programming, and Tableau. Thus, it is ideal for learners willing to work from scratch on the most advanced topics. Some of the essential topics covered in the course are:

  • Exploratory analysis
  • Statistics fundamentals
  • Data visualization
  • Probability
  • Advanced SAS procedures
  • Tableau
  • Bayesian inference
  • Regression modeling
  • Data manipulation
  • Data mining
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Advanced statistical techniques
  • SAS Macros
  • LOD Expressions
  • Tableau
  • Data visualization
  • Integration with R

The course modules are:

  • Statistics Essentials for Analytics
  • Data Analytics with R Training
  • Tableau Certification Training Course
  • Microsoft Power BI Certification Training Course
  • AWS S3
  • Data Analyst Master Capstone Project

Instructor: Industry Professionals

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 24 weeks

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: $1800


The data analytics career is exciting with excellent opportunities due to the increasing demand to fill the vacant positions of expert job roles. Today, organizations seek professionals like data scientists, data analysts, or data engineers to churn massive datasets to provide intelligent business analysis and gain competitive advantages through data-driven insights. With high-paying jobs, opportunities are in abundance for those looking to begin a career in the field of data analytics. 

Whether aspirants or professionals looking for a mid-career, switching into this field requires upskilling themselves with the latest technologies and tools to prosper as a top data analyst. As per Glassdoor reports, a data analyst earns an average of $70,000, which varies according to location, skills, and experience.

The estimated salary of the most experienced individual is stated as $110,000, which is by far one of the best paying jobs in the industry. Although there are data analysts with various backgrounds, it is essential to understand the visualization tools, the programming proficiency and to understand various types of data and its sources, including the advanced concepts and technologies. 

With new technologies like machine learning and big data entering the data analytics space, the competition for top positions has toughened. Therefore, those aiming for a career in data analytics must opt for courses that provide tremendous value for money, alongside theoretical and practical content and an industry-recognized certificate. 

This article highlighted some of the top trending and highly rated courses to enhance career prospects and climb the hierarchical ladder of success with lucrative offers, salary, and growth.

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