Vue.js is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework used for building user interfaces and single-page applications. The Vue.js framework is popular among frontend developers as it includes an easy learning curve. Vue.js offers versatility, modularity, and reusability of codes that allow faster development of complex applications from managing libraries and other components to ensure the easy extensibility of the functions.

With an active and vibrant community, developers’ tutorials, and well-supported documentation, Vue.js is fast-growing into a full-fledged application development ecosystem supported by industry leaders such as Xiaomi, Alibaba, Adobe, and Grammarly.

It is one of the most sought-after skills set in frontend development that can fetch a competitive salary for developers with the know-how of Vue.js. Therefore, one must upskill themselves with some of the most popular online courses and expand their knowledge base for a lucrative career opportunity.

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1. Vue – The Complete Guide (Router, Vuex, Composition API) – Udemy

Vue- The Complete Guide (Router, Vuex, Composition API) – Udemy

Vue.js provides the best of frameworks like Angular and ReactJs. However, learning Vue.js with advanced concepts such as Composition API has become more straightforward with this course offered on Udemy. The course participants will be provided a comprehensive curriculum, beginning from the basic concepts and moving on to more complex topics. 

The learners will work with real-world projects and demo projects. However, it may be more suitable for learners with fundamental knowledge of JavaScript or experience working with other frontend frameworks.

At the end of the course, the learners will gain experience building Vue.js applications ranging from smaller projects to large enterprise level applications and understand how to leverage Vue for multi and single-page applications, the theory behind Vue, and the latest composition API. 

Some of the key concepts that are covered includes:

  • Introduction
  • Basic and Core Concepts: DOM Interaction with Vue
  • Rendering Conditional Content and Lists
  • Project
  • Vue: Behind the Scenes
  • Introducing Components
  • Moving to a Better Development Setup and Workflow with the Vue
  • Component Communication
  • Diving Deeper into Components
  • Animations and Transitions
  • Vuex and Authentication
  • Optimization and Deploying Vue Apps
  • Vue Advanced Concepts

Instructor: Maximillian Schwarmuller

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 48 hours and 50 minutes

User Review: 4.7/5

No. of Reviews: 49,258

Price: $69.6

2. Learn Vue.js – Codecademy

Learn Vue.js – Codecademy

Vue.js is an upcoming frontend framework, and it is now possible to learn Vue.js online. This is a course that is available on Codecademy. In this training program, the participants will learn all the aspects of the Vue framework and its packages and libraries. In addition, there are hands-on sessions that will guide learners to understand how to create and style forms to handle dynamic data alongside the Vue.js setup. 

The essential features to tackle the complex industrial problem will be covered with the help of multiple projects in the course. The prerequisites include an understanding of object-oriented programming using JavaScript and HTML, and CSS. 

The course contents are:

  • Introduction to Vue
  • Vue Data
  • Vue Forms
  • Styling Elements with Vue

Instructor: Industry Professionals

Level: Beginner

Duration: 3 hours

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: Charges may apply after trial. Prices available on Signup

3. Become a Vue.js Developer – LinkedIn Learning

Become a Vue.js Developer – LinkedIn Learning

This learning path includes multiple online courses on Vue.js ranging from essential training to advanced concepts. It is offered on the LinkedIn Learning platform. The learners will explore the concepts on how to build robust web applications using Vue.js and the wide range of possibilities and components that allow building a framework-driven application with structures, templates, data binding, and much more. Furthermore, the learners will understand various aspects of secured applications and how to combine Vue.js with other technologies. 

The course contents are:

  • Learning Vue.js
  • Vue.js Essential Training
  • Vue.js: Building an Interface
  • Building Vue and Node Apps with Authentication
  • Vue.js: Full-Stack Applications with Firebase
  • Learning Vuex

Instructor: Michael Sullivan, Ray Villalobos, and Alexander Zanfir

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 14 hours

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: 1-Month Free Trial (Charges may apply after trial. Prices available on Sign-Up)

4. Vue.js Fundamentals – Pluralsight

Vue.js Fundamentals – Pluralsight

This course is ideal for learners seeking to upgrade their skill set with Vue.js fundamentals. It is available on Pluralsight. First, the learners will delve into the modern web application development concepts, followed by the frontend development frameworks. Next, the learners will deep dive into the basics of Vue.js and gain knowledge about developing robust production-ready Vue.js apps with various components from scratch. In addition, the concepts on Vue CLI and associated functions that allow effective communication between components are covered in-depth. 

Finally, the learners will learn to create routes for navigating between pages and manage the state, and communicate with the server using Vuex with custom directives. Besides, the learners will also work on the deployment phase of an application in the production environment. 

The course contents are:

  • Getting Started with Vue.js CLI
  • Creating Vue.js Components and Using Template Syntax
  • Enabling Inter-Component Communication
  • Routing Page to Page
  • Managing State and Server Communication with Vuex
  • Creating Custom Directives and Filters
  • Deploying Vue Application to Production

Instructor: Jim Cooper

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 5 hours and 40 minutes

User Review: 4.7/5

No. of Reviews: 275

Price: 10-Day Free Trial (Charges may apply after trial. Prices available on Sign-Up)

5. Vue.js Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router – Udemy

Vue.js Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router – Udemy

This course is available on Udemy. In this online learning program, the learners will build their fundamental skills and then proceed with Vuex and Vue router concepts. 

Additionally, the learners will understand the uses of the state management framework and how it helps fetch, store, and move data around the application. Furthermore, the learners will understand the Vue router to navigate users in single-page applications. 

Finally, the concepts on the inner working associated with Vuex and the Vue router will be explored with multiple practical examples. 

Some of the critical takeaways include:

  • Ability to produce dynamic and responsive applications using Vue.
  • Gaining knowledge about uploading images to a remote server with drag and drop functions.
  • Uses of OAuth2 Authentication for the users.
  • Vue CLI and reduction of codes using Template Directives.
  • Communication between various components with Props and Events.
  • Updating Vue components using reactive data properties.
  • Programming to navigate users with Vue Router.
  • Modeling application data.
  • Local storage and developer tools.

Instructor: Stephen Grider

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 10 hours and 23 minutes

User Review: 4.6/5

No. of Reviews: 2314

Price: $69.6

6. Single Page Applications with Vue.js – Pluralsight

Single Page Applications with Vue.js – Pluralsight

This online training program on Vue.js is available on Pluralsight. The learners will explore the concepts on a single page application and learn to build them using flexible components of the framework. 

In addition, the learners will understand the setup environment, the build processes required for developing the applications. Furthermore, there will be concepts covering single file components, routing, and API communication functionalities, including the plugins for efficient development. 

The learners will learn about state management and the server-side rendering requirements for faster and more manageable applications. Besides, the testing and deployment concepts will be covered thoroughly for learners to understand the entire production process in a real-time development environment. 

The course contents are:

  • Environmental Setup
  • Single File Components
  • Routing
  • State Management, Mutations, Communication Through Events and Triggering Actions
  • API Communication and Authentication
  • Server-Side Rendering
  • Testing and Deployment
  • GitHub

Instructor: Bill Stavroulakis

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 3 hours and 10 minutes

User Review: 4.0/5

No. of Reviews: 113

Price: 10-Day Free Trial (Charges may apply after trial. Prices available on Sign-Up)

7. Learn Vue.js – Full Course for Beginners – Lead Academy

This is one of the comprehensive courses on Vue.js among several online learning platforms. It is available for enrollment on the Lead Academy platform. In this training program, the learners will begin with the essentials of JavaScript and deepen their knowledge with various concepts on Vue.js. 

The course is easy to follow, and it includes high-quality study materials and follow-along practical sessions. Besides, there are no prerequisites and the emphasis on building solid foundation and developer skills for application development using the Vue.js framework. The participants need to sign up to obtain the information for more details on the certification, pricing, and the detailed curriculum.

Instructor: Industry Professionals

Level: Beginner

Duration: 3 hours

User Review: 4.6/5

No. of Reviews: 462

Price: Pricing details available on the signup

8. Vue.js: Testing and Debugging – LinkedIn Learning

Vue.js- Testing and Debugging – LinkedIn Learning

This course is offered on LinkedIn Learning. In this tutorial, the learners will understand the testing and debugging requirements for the applications before the deployment. In addition, the concepts such as Jest, ESLint and browser dev tools are covered in-depth to test the applications’ frontend interfaces. 

Moreover, the learners will learn about well-tested codes and their importance and delve into the setup of the testing tools. Furthermore, unit testing using testing strings, organizing tests, and testing asynchronous code are important concepts covered with hands-on sessions. 

Finally, the concepts to test Vue.js components and the uses of Chrome-based Dev tools and Vue.js Dev tools are practically demonstrated with follow-along examples to test the applications. There are also specific concepts on functional and automated testing in Cypress and CircleCI that provide learners with a comprehensive idea of the debugging process in production.

 The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction
  • Setting up Testing Tools
  • Unit Testing
  • Testing Vue Components
  • Debugging with Vue and Chrome Developer tools
  • Functional and Automated Testing
  • Conclusion

Instructor: Fikayo Adepoju

Level: Intermediate

Duration: NA

User Review: NA

No. of Reviews: NA

Price: 1-Month Free Trial (Charges may apply after trial. Prices available on Sign-Up)

9. Build Web Apps with Vue JS 3 and Firebase – Udemy

Building Web Apps with Vue JS 3 and Firebase – Udemy

This online program is available on Udemy. In this course, the learners will get started with full-stack application development with Vue.js and Firebase. 

The learners will build the fundamental skills with the basics and work towards creating a full-functional Vue application. There are advanced concepts on Vue router and single page applications alongside the uses of Vue CLI for running the larger applications much faster. In addition, the learners deep dive into the latest features of Vue, including the Composition API and functions. Finally, the concepts of Firebase are covered to provide knowledge on how it acts as a feature-packed backend for Vue applications.

Moreover, the learners will gain insight to approach web development with a different perspective and include new features such as real-time data retrieval and advanced authentication to the applications. In addition, multiple projects will be created with a follow-along hands-on session to build the programming experience of the learners. The prerequisites of the course include a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

The course content includes:

  • Introduction and Setup
  • Vue Basics
  • The Vue CLI
  • Project
  • Forms and Data Binding
  • Vue Router Basics
  • Fetching Data
  • The Composition API
  • Async Code and Routing using Composition API
  • Firebase Databases
  • Building and Deploying
  • Firebase Security Rules
  • Projects and Extra Lessons with More Resources

Instructor: The Net Ninja (Shaun Pelling)

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 29 hours and 48 minutes

User Review: 4.7/5

No. of Reviews: 5374

Price: $69.6

10. Building Web Apps with Vue – Pluralsight

Building Web Apps with Vue – Pluralsight

This is the suggested learning path for Vue.js that includes multiple courses to gain expertise. It is available on Pluralsight. The learners of this course will cover various aspects of Vue.js, such as user interfaces and single-page applications. 

In addition, the learners will explore various features, the architecture, and the core libraries that ensure the application’s efficiency. The concepts like routing and state management are covered in detail, including the packages for allowing developers to create faster and reliable applications. 

At the end of the course, the learners will gain mastery with the setup of the Vue environment, Vue CLI, Vue Forms, Router, Vuex, and testing and debugging requirements. Besides, the learners will have hands-on experience and knowledge to build applications with exciting animations and include authentication and authorization for more security of the applications. The prerequisites of the course include working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The course contents are:

Course 1: Vue. js-Big Picture

The first course provides an overview of Vue and its subtopics. In this tutorial, the learners will understand the features, uses, capabilities, and limitations. Furthermore, the concepts on the libraries in the Vue ecosystem are covered in-depth, and learners are provided with how to use Vue for prototyping.

Course 2: Getting Started

The learners will explore various design components, display data, present lists and inputs in this course. In addition, the learners will understand how to handle user interactions, navigate views, manage data, and the essential tools for efficient development using Vue. The concepts on creating and running an application with the help of Vue CLI, data binding features, and the building blocks of the applications are provided in-depth.

Course 3: Developing Faster with Vue CLI

The course provides the essential concepts on developing faster with Vue CLI and developer tools. From installation to understanding the various outcomes of Vue CLI for building apps, libraries, and web components are mainly the focus areas of the course. In addition, the learners will understand unit testing and extending Vue apps with plugins.

Course 4: Building Forms with Vue

The fourth course of the learning path includes the concepts on building forms with Vue. The creation of forms for accepting user inputs, composing forms from multiple components, and the uses for building complex and enterprise-ready Vue applications are covered in the entire tutorial.

Course 5: Vue Router

As modern applications continue to evolve, the complexity of these applications requires multiple components for a seamless experience. This idea is the primary theme of the course, and the concepts on the Vue router, the configurations using the Vue router for applications are covered essentially. Next, the learners delve into managing components state using the router and the uses of props to components. Furthermore, access route parameters and route change events for updating the component state are some critical areas explored with hands-on sessions for a deeper understanding of the concepts. Finally, the learners will work on interacting with Vue Router API programmatically using JavaScript.

Course 6: State Management with Vuex

This course in the learning path is primarily focused on managing and storing the client-side application state and handling the interaction with the service using APIs. The learners deep dive into the concepts of Vuex and learn to use it for managing the application state in Vue.js apps. Additionally, the learners will understand how to safely retrieve data and change the data in the store with mutation functionalities. Besides, the concepts of integrating external APIs for retrieving and storing data on the backend server, including some advanced state management concepts, are provided in this course.

Course 7: Testing Vue Components with Jest

The course focuses on providing the critical concepts on the Vue application, testing existing components with Jest, integrating mocks and snapshots, and async tests to create a reliable testing suite. At the same time, the learners will also undergo various practical sessions to understand how to integrate Jest enabled projects for reducing the effort and time for deploying the applications.

Course 8: End-to-End Vue Testing with Cypress

This part of the learning path proceeds towards some advanced concepts and leverages Cypress to test web applications written with Vue. 

Course 9: Creating Animations with Vue

The course transitions into more advanced animation concepts to create engaging websites and web applications using the Vue JavaScript framework. Additionally, there are key animation features and transition components that are demonstrated with hands-on sessions. Furthermore, the learners delve into concepts such as animation notifications, keyframes, list transitions, and creating and leaving transitions. Finally, the learners will understand how to create reusable animated Vue components.

Course 10: Vue Authentication and Authorization

This course explores the critical concepts of securing applications with authentication and authorization to prevent malicious activities. The learners will explore various authentication methods and how to add them to the Vue applications with the help of an identity provider. There are additional concepts on Octa, AuthO, and Firebase that are covered in-depth.

Course 11: Preparing a Vue App for Internationalization

This course aims to provide some of the crucial factors for preparing a Vue app for adjusting to different locales. In addition, the learners will cover various packages and customization for translation options, allowing more scope of the applications by internationalizing the applications.

Course 12: Deploying Static Vue Applications: Playbook

The final course is targeted at providing learners with the best approach towards deployment. The learners will understand the deployment of static Vue applications and explore AWS options and Azure for deployment. Finally, the learners will dive deep into publishing their applications using Vercel.

Instructor: Daniel Stern, John Papa, Shawn Wildermuth, Nertil Poci, Jim Cooper, Marko Vajs, Eduardo Freitas, Yaser Mehraban, Mateo Prigl, and Jeremy Morgan

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Duration: 23 hours and 7 minutes

User Review: 4.6/5

No. of Reviews: 621

Price: 10-Day Free Trial (Charges may apply after trial. Prices available on Sign-Up)

11. Complete Vue.js 3 (Inc. Composition API, Vue Router, Vuex) – Udemy

Complete Vue.js 3 (Inc. Composition API, Vue Router, Vuex) – Udemy

The course is offered on Udemy. In this online program, the learners will cover the fundamentals of Vue.js 3 and understand the difference between the traditional way of creating Vue apps and the new available features. The concepts of Composition API are covered in-depth, and the learners will learn how to mix it with the Options API. Furthermore, the learners will explore the concepts on Vuex and Vue Router and their uses for making development faster. Various use-cases are provided in the course for gaining deeper insights into the uses of the new features for building applications. Finally, the learners will learn about communication, data storage, and statement management of the applications. 

The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction
  • User Signup Forms with Validation
  • Composition Fundamentals
  • Vue Router Fundamentals
  • Vuex Fundamentals
  • Projects
  • Final Capstone Project

Instructor: Lachlan Miller

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Duration: 5 hours and 44 minutes

User Review: 4.5/5

No. of Reviews: 478

Price: $30.4


The web and mobile application development market is rapidly evolving each year. With such immense demand for applications, it is evident that modern applications have become complex. To provide all the functionalities and features to meet the user demands can become burdensome for developers.

Frameworks like Vue.js ensure easy and faster development with primary animation features, interactive web interface, animations, and security while maintaining a shorter deployment time. Additionally, the ease of use, learning, and quality documentation and tutorials have made Vue.js one of the latest trends in the development market. Vue.js allows for easy integration into more significant projects for frontend development without any complications.

Vue comprises the necessary qualities and features that developers thrive for to achieve a smoother development phase with easy debugging methods to create high-performing applications.

It is no surprise that Vue remains one of the most sought-after skill sets as per the recent market trends. Therefore, aspiring developers and experienced professionals looking for good career growth should upskill themselves with Vue.js skills to achieve some of the best job roles in the application development industry for a fruitful and successful career.

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