The world is rapidly shifting towards the digital space. In the day and age of faster and more efficient technologies, adopting such technologies has redefined businesses’ way.

Today, the services and applications are being offered online, thus increasing the businesses’ efficiency and scope. The need for professionals with expertise in technologies to enable the smooth functioning of the online platform’s operations is essential.

It is of utmost importance for web developers to be skilled in the web development industry’s programming language. Among them is PHP, which is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP is a widely used open-source scripting language primarily used for web development, which can be embedded into HTML. There is a constant demand for IT professionals with PHP’s skill set, and it is evident from the job listings for web developers and the listed requirements.

As per Glassdoor, the average base salary for a PHP developer stands at $82,223 yearly. A significant growth rate from the entry-level position to the most experienced position is observed as well. Such statistics give insight into a PHP developer’s job to be among the highest paid jobs and a constant growth factor associated with it.

Aspirants and enthusiasts or professionals looking to add this skill to their skill set or entirely take up web development as a career must upgrade their skills with the current industry trends.

It is crucial to pursue a course that covers core concepts and builds on practical skills. Another critical factor is assured of a certification course that holds industry recognition for attaining leadership roles in the organization. Therefore, the article highlights some of the top courses for PHP in the online platform today.

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1. PHP Programming, Fundamentals and Tutorials – Simplilearn

PHP Programming, Fundamentals and Tutorials – Simplelearn

The course highlights essential concepts in PHP programming. It is offered on the Simplilearn platform.  The PHP training course provides vital concepts for beginners to gain a strong base before moving on to the advanced concepts. Some of the concepts that are covered in this course are as follows.

  • Fundamentals of PHP
  • What is PHP
  • Installing PHP
  • Syntax and Hello World
  • Comments
  • Variables
  • Strings and Conjugation
  • String Replacement
  • String Manipulation
  • HTML Entities
  • Arrays
  • Explode and Implode
  • Operators
  • If Else Statements
  • ElseIf
  • Switch
  • For Loops and While Loops
  • Break from Loops
  • Continue, Is Array and Quotes
  • Including Files, Functions, and Constants
  • Checking If It Exists, Forms, New Lines, Date and Time and Ternary Logic


Instructor: Instructor Names Not Available

Level: Introductory

Video Lectures: 29 video lectures

User Review: 4.7/5

Price: Price available on Sign up

2. Web Applications for Everybody Specialization – University of Michigan – Coursera

Web Applications for Everybody Specialization – University of Michigan – Coursera

The specialization course is available on the Coursera platform. In this PHP online certification course, the learners will be introduced to a web application’s basic structure, web browser, server interactions, request/response cycle, and GET/POST/ Redirect concepts.

Additionally, the introductory overview of HTML, the basic syntax and data structures of the PHP language and its related variables, logics, iterations, arrays, error handling functionalities. The learners will also understand how to develop web and database applications in PHP, using SQL for the database requirements.

Furthermore, CSS will be introduced as well for understanding how to style markup for web pages. Finally, the knowledge of installing and using an integrated PHP/MySQL environment like XAMPP or MAMP. The course modules are.

  • Building Web Applications in PHP
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Building Database Applications in PHP
  • JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON


Instructor: Charles Russell Severance

Level: Intermediate

Video Lectures: 144 video lectures (inclusive of all modules)

User Review: 4.8/5

Price: Free Enrollment (Additional charges might exist for certification)

3. Complete Web Development Career Advancement Bundle – Simplilearn

Complete Web Development Career Advancement Bundle - Simplilearn

The PHP tutorial is offered on the Simplilearn platform. The course covers the basics of PHP and is part of the full-stack web development suite.

The learners will be introduced to key concepts on web development tools and techniques with extensive hands-on experience in coding functional web applications. The need to develop search engine-friendly web pages and the server-side and the client-side programming languages are also covered.

Among the essentials for web development, CSS and CSS3 for web page layout control are also explored. The course’s primary aim is to let students learn each topic in-depth required for modern-day web development.

Client-side languages such as JavaScript are also covered in this course. The modules of the course are.

  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Basics
  • Block Level Elements
  • Line Breaks and Spacing
  • Inline Elements
  • Tables and Forms
  • Semantic HTML5 Elements
  • Multimedia
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • MySQL Introduction
  • PHP Fundamentals
  • Creating Database
  • Inserting Data
  • SQL Injection
  • Selecting Queries


Instructor: Not Available

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Video Lectures: 65 video lectures (inclusive of all modules)

User Review: NA

Price: Available on Sign up (Course offering may vary according to region)

4. Comprehensive PHP Course: Learn PHP from the Ground Up – BitDegree

Complete Web Development Career Advancement Bundle – Simplelearn

Among the PHP online classes, this course is among the complete courses that cover the basics of the most advanced PHP concepts on the BitDegree platform. Some of the covered concepts are how PHP works, creating a PHP website, working around with databases, Bootstrap framework, and several important contents.

The course is more beneficial for learners with a basic understanding of programming language. However, it is not mandatory. By the end of the course, the learners will understand the setting up the coding environment for PHP, creating variables and functions, core PHP (PHP 5), CRUD operations, and implementation of MySQL database into PHP and data retrieval from the database using SQL.

The absolute beginners don’t miss out on gaining value from the course. The learners with no coding experience will be introduced from scratch to PHP, the server-side scripting language for static and dynamic websites, among several other concepts.

Additional points covered in the course are related to constants, conditions, loops, and arrays. Finally, HTML usage in PHP, AJAX with PHP, forms and file uploading, and security are explored. The course modules are.

  • Introduction
  • Installing XAMPP
  • Creating file and additional information about PHP
  • PHP script: Tips about HTML
  • Introduction to PHPStorm
  • Comments and Case Sensitive
  • Variables and Data Types
  • Concatenation, Arithmetic Operator, Comparison Operators, if and else in PHP
  • Else if in PHP, Switch Statement, Functions in PHP, Arguments in PHP, Return Type
  • Local and Global Variables
  • Echo and Print, Loops, Arrays, Arguments, and Return Type, Exit and Die in PHP, Fetching Values, Sorting the Arrays
  • Global and Server Variables, GET and POST, Form handling, Validating Strip_ Tag Function, Multidimensional Arrays
  • Object-Oriented Programming In-Depth
  • SQL In-Depth


Instructor: Shakzee Arain

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Video Lectures: 78 video lectures

User Review: 4.8/5

Price: $13.99

5. PHP: Getting Started – Pluralsight

PHP Getting Started – Pluralsight

The course is entirely designed for beginners. It is offered on the Pluralsight platform. The PHP tutorial covers topics such as installing a web server, PHP, and MySQL database server. The learners will grasp the processing data concepts, store them on the MySQL database, security-related issues, and avoid common security attacks on the website and its database. Further, the course delves into the development of application and the authentication and authorization features. The course curriculum includes the following contents.

  • Introduction to PHP
  • About PHP
  • Why PHP
  • PHP Version History
  • Installing PHP
  • Configuring PHP
  • A PHP File
  • PHP’s Hello World
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Documentation
  • Summary
  • PHP Form Basics
  • GET vs. POST
  • HTML Form Elements
  • Processing Form Elements, Setting Up a Form, Escaping Form Output, Accessing Form Data
  • Advanced PHP Forms, Validation, Prefilling Text Fields, Prefilling Check Boxes and Radio Buttons, Prefilling Lists
  • Getting Started with MySQL: Introduction, PHPMyAdmin Setup, Database Administration, Caveats, Using the MySQLi Extension, Preventing SQL Injection, Inserting Data and Prepared Statements
  • MySQL Database Management with PHP
  • Conclusion


Instructor: Christian Wenz

Level: Beginner

Video Lectures: 46 video lectures

User Review: 4.0/5

Price: 10-Day Free Trial (Price Available on Sign up)

6. PHP for Beginners- Become a PHP Master- CMS Project – Udemy

PHP for Beginners- Become a PHP Master CMS Project Udemy

The PHP training course is offered on the Udemy platform. The learners will gain exposure to the content management system’s concepts, MySQL, launching of the application, AJAX, sessions, email sending, creation of clean URL, debugging of codes, and code refactoring.

The course also highlights key concepts such as API, database, object-oriented programming, PHP security, password hashing, composer, and Bootstrap. The course curriculum is as follows.

  • The First Steps
  • Data Types and More
  • Control Structures
  • Custom Functions
  • PHP Built-in Functions
  • How to use Form Data in PHP?
  • How to use Database in PHP?
  • PHP Security
  • PHP and the Web
  • OOP-PHP Introduction
  • Files
  • CMS: Posts, Comments, Users, login, Profile, Dashboard, Improvement
  • Pagination
  • Sending Emails
  • Bootstrap
  • Refactoring
  • Debugging
  • Application Security
  • Additional CMS Features


Instructor: Edwin Diaz, Coding Faculty Solutions

Level: Beginner

Video Lectures: 45 sections and 340 video lectures

User Review: 4.4/5

Price: $120 (Approximate)

7. PHP for Beginners – Build a Content Management System from Scratch with PHP and MySQL – Udemy

PHP for Beginners – Build a Content Management System from Scratch with PHP and MySQL – Udemy

For learning a topic in-depth, it is essential to create a strong base. Likewise, top web developers have a strong base that begins from very scratch. Therefore, aspirants, as well as non-programmers, need to take up beginner courses for PHP.

The course is offered on the Udemy platform. It is aimed at developing the skills of PHP and MySQL for building a content management system.

The course covers the concepts on the dynamic website using programming language, securing the code, structuring the code using OOP techniques, Bootstrap, storing data in a relational database with the PHP codes, create a CMS in PHP and MySQL from scratch, learn the reusability of codes, theory of CMS and practical implementations, third-party code integration and essential aspects of the web application.

The course modules are:

  • Introduction
  • Software Installation and Setup
  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Control Structures
  • An Introduction to HTML
  • Mixing PHP and HTML
  • An Introduction to Databases
  • Multiple Pages in PHP
  • An Introduction to HTML Forms
  • Inserting Data into the Database from PHP
  • Functions and Validation in PHP
  • Editing Data in the Database
  • Deleting Data
  • Sessions to log in and Restrict Access
  • PHP Data Objects
  • Authentication
  • Class Autoloading
  • Site Administration, Pagination, Uploading Files, and Database Relationships
  • JavaScript, Date and Time, CSS, Sending Mails from PHP, Configuration and Error Handling
  • Conclusion
  • Additional Information and Source Codes


Instructor: Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy, Dave Hollingworth

Level: Beginner

Video Lectures: 31 sections and 199 video lectures

User Review: 4.6/5

Price: $87 (Approximate)

8. PHP for Beginners 2021: All PHP Code Used is Fully Explained – Udemy

PHP for Beginners 2021 All PHP Code Used is Fully Explained Udemy

This PHP tutorial is available on Udemy. It is among the latest offerings for PHP online classes. Therefore the learners can expect an up-to-date curriculum. The course is ideal for beginners.

The learners will understand the concepts of PHP coding, creating a rock paper scissor game, creating a two-player tic tac game, scripting, creating, reading, updating, and deleting sessions and cookies, PHP coding challenges, string functions, loops, array functions, PHP internal functions, sessions, bad word filtering, use of HTML forms, mathematical operations, conditional statement and associate arrays, date and time. The course modules are listed as follows.

  • Introduction
  • PHP Basics
  • Basic Operators
  • Assignment, Conditional and Logical Operators
  • IF Statements, Basic Loops, PHP Internal Functions
  • How to create a form in HTML and Send Data to PHP Script
  • More Internal Functions
  • Arrays and Array Functions
  • Creating Own Function in PHP
  • Sessions and Cookies
  • Student Challenges and Bonus


Instructor: Patrick Morrow

Level: Beginner

Video Lectures: 15 Sections and 131 Video Lectures

User Review: 4.6/5

Price: $120 (Approximate)

9. Complete PHP Course with Bootstrap 3, CMS System and Admin Panel – Udemy

Complete PHP Course with Bootstrap 3, CMS System and Admin Panel – Udemy

The course is among the most preferred courses on Udemy This PHP online tutorial stands out as being the bestseller and garnering successful student testimonials as well.

The course will provide the learners with a basic understanding of PHP, advanced concepts, and techniques for creating applications.

By the end of the course, the students can expect to master the skills required to create a CMS system, advanced admin panel using bootstrap 3. HTML 5, management of software, and creating web applications are explored as well. The course modules are.

  • PHP Basics: Introduction, Installing XAMPP, Saving Files, Strings Data Types, Inserting Data, Integer Data, Variables, Concatenation, Arithmetic Operators, Assignment Operators, Increment/ Decrement, Conditional Statements, Comparison Operators, Logical Operators, If Else, Nested If, Loops, Function, Globe and Static Scope, Arrays, GET and POST Method, Include and Require.
  • Working with HTML and PHP: Creating simple HTML Form, Receiving HTML Form, Post Method, Isset Function, Getting Request On the Same Page, Passing Data, Validating the Complete Form, Adding Advanced Form Elements
  • Working with MySQL Database using PHP: MyAdmin, Creating a Database and Table, Inserting Data in MySQL, Creating MySQL Username, Retrieving Data from Database, and Getting Data in an Organized Way
  • HTML, PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap: Applying Bootstrap in HTML5, creating a New Form, Validating the Form, Submitting the Form, creating a Detailed Page, Programming the Detailed Page, deleting a Row, Adding Bootstrap Buttons, Getting MySQL Data in HTML Form, Creating Header, Navigation Bar using Bootstrap, creating a Search Bar, Creating Footer, Creating Post, Separating home and post page
  • The Admin Panel: CMS System, Creating Header for Admin Panel, Creating Side Nav, Collapsible Menu, Top Block, Renaming Multiple Top Block, Adding Latest Post Area to the Dashboard, Adding Comments Area, Creating New Post Page, View Post, New Category Page, Comments Page, Login Page and Activating It, Login Panel, log out Page, Pagination, Retrieve Data Post List Page, Programming Dashboard, Edit Page, View and Delete Button, Join Tables, Edit Category, Completing Dashboard Programming, Code Exercises.


Instructor: Joe Parys and Shahzaib Kamal, Joe Parys Support

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Video Lectures: 5 Sections and 144 Video Lectures

User Review: 4.8/5

Price: $120 (Approximate)

10. The Complete 2021 PHP Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp – Udemy

The Complete 2020 PHP Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

The course is offered on the Udemy platform. The tutorial covers essential concepts of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, Web basics, XML, Complete understanding of JSON, and introduction to REST and API.

Additionally, the learners will get Access to interview questions, PHP resumes, and student mentorship. The learners will have a thorough understanding of front-end and back-end development as well. The course curriculum includes the following content.

  • Introduction: PHP OOP Materials, Interview Questions, PHP Projects, why take this course?
  • Setting Up the Environment: Downloading HTML Editor, Software Check, Popular Software for Web Development.
  • Web Basics: Overview, Challenge, What is Internet and Protocol, TC/IP, DNS, HTTP, How HTTP works, Client-Server Technology, How Website Works, Web Server, Types of Languages, Compiler vs. Interpreter, Full-stack Developer, Career Path, Summary
  •  Introduction to HTML5: What is HTML, Structure of an HTML Page, First HTML Page, HTML Boilerplate, Header Tags, Exercises, Horizontal Lines and Breaks, Strong, Emphasis, Underline and Italics, Pre Code Tags, Ordered and Unordered Lists, Link Tags, Section and Article Tags, Additional HTML Page, HTML Quiz, Summary
  • Intermediate HTML5: Creating Tables, Embedding Contents, Working with Forms, Meta Tags, DIV and SPAN Tags, White Spaces, HTML Entities and Case Sensitive, iFrames, List of HTML Tags in Single Page, Quiz, Summary.
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Projects: Simple Page Layout, Product Landing Page, Survey Page, Google Homepage, Personal Website.
  • Introduction to JavaScript: Objective, JavaScript, Internal and External JavaScript, Inline JavaScript, Debugging.
  • JavaScript Language Syntax: Identifiers, Variables and Constants, Primitives, Assignment Operators, Comparison and Arithmetic Operators, Logical Operators, String Operators, Quotes, Boolean, Arrays, Date and Time, If Statements, Switch Statements, While Statements and for Statements
  • Intermediate JavaScript: Write Functions, Creating Objects, Creating Events, Trace Logs, Try Catch Block, DOM, Access Form Elements
  • Projects with JavaScript: Access Browser URL, Form Validation, and Number Games
  • Website with Bootstrap: Bootstrap and its Uses, Website with Bootstrap, Personal Portfolio Page
  • Complete PHP Basics: PHP Environment, Introduction to PHP, Variables, and Constants, Expressions and Operators, Data Types, Namespaces, Control Structures, Strings, Arrays, Functions and Handling Exceptions, Files, Date and Time.
  • MySQL Basics: Objective, Introduction to MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Data types, Keywords in MySQL
  • PHPMyAdmin: Create Users, Create Database and Table
  • MySQL Statements: Create Table, Drop Table, Insert Statements, Select Statements, Clause, Operators, Update and Delete Statements
  • MySQL with PDO: Creating Table, Database Connection, Display Records, Insert Records, Update and Delete
  • MySQL with MySQLi: Database Connection, Insert, Update, and Delete Records
  • Complete Blogging Website with WordPress: Objectives, Domain Name, Register, Web Hosting, Map Domain, Login, Organize, Install and Configure Themes, Plugins, Sample, Categories, Configure Layout, Secure your Site
  • Complete PHP OOP: OOP Basics, Constructor and Destructor, Inheritance, Modifiers, Interface, Abstract Class and Methods, Static Methods, Polymorphism, Data Abstraction, Overriding, Magic Methods, Type Hinting, Dependency, Traits, Working with Objects, Autoloading, OOP Principles, Project
  • Introduction to XML: XML Basics
  • Introduction to JSON: JSON vs. XML, Syntax, Data Types, Arrays, Objects, Online Tools, How to read JSON?
  • Introduction REST and API: Understanding REST and API, Web service vs. REST, REST JSON API, Token-Based REST API, API Management Tool
  • Interview Questions
  • Valuable Resources
  • Next Steps


Instructor: Srinivas Vanamala

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Video Lectures: 28 Sections and 309 Video Lectures

User Review: 4.6/5

Price: $122 (Approximate)

Current Trend of PHP Developers in the Job Market

PHP developer jobs have remained constant throughout the job industry. There are tremendous growth opportunities as well.

According to Glassdoor, the latest salary trends suggest that an entry-level job in the web development industry as a PHP developer will fetch a salary of $55,000 in the US and go up to $!03,000 for a senior position.

The trend depicts that the role of a PHP developer has resulted in job satisfaction for employees. Additionally, the US Board of Labor Statistics has shown a 15 percent growth rate in the web development job roles by 2026. The roles are inclusive of PHP developers.

Many doubters question the longevity of the PHP language in the upcoming years. However, it is to be noted that PHP is used by more than 80 percent of websites across the world.

Hence, new languages could be invented, but PHP will continue to evolve alongside those innovations.

A language that was invented in the year 1995 has survived the test of time, and the latest version of PHP was released in the year 2019. So it can be rightfully termed as the programming language that is future proof.



The capabilities of PHP hold an edge to any website or application that is offered today. As it is evident, PHP is a flexible and easy to use the programming language that is being extensively used by web developers.

Web applications, websites, and even modern-day technologies such as cloud computing and machine learning can be used in PHP. Learning PHP will ensure that an individual is fully equipped to handle complex web development requirements.

A comprehensive tutorial is exceptionally crucial for building the skills and, most notably, the hands-on experience. Any aspirant looking to dive into web development must have strong programming and skills and proficiency to succeed in this rapidly evolving IT industry. It is highly crucial to find the right course for updating the skill sets as the online platform can be confusing. 

Finding the right course that can provide the necessary exposure to the required skills while adding value with a certificate that holds industry recognition is of utmost importance in the job market today.

The article aimed to provide some of the most popular online courses that can let learners gain sufficient exposure to the concepts and practical knowledge to climb the ladder of success in the web development industry.

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