Technical evolution has led industries to shift towards the digital landscape. The employment world in the field of technology has transformed, thereby generating specialized job roles. Advanced technologies and their sub-fields have grown in prominence in the likes of artificial intelligence researchers, machine learning engineers, virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain developers to name a few.

The demand for specialists is growing rapidly with new roles preceding the older ones. The artificial intelligence industry jobs have seen the biggest boom and stand tall as a $1.2 trillion industry. Some careers are offering the highest salaries and the possibility of career growth that boasts of excellent employee satisfaction. Therefore, in the highly competitive tech industry, it is essential to be aware of emerging job trends and the skill set that may need to be upgraded to keep up in this fast-paced profession. This article will explore some of the fastest rising tech jobs in the industry today.


Emerging Job

It is crucial to understand the transformation of the jobs and skills to be well-equipped for roles that may arise in the future. The term emerging job defines a job role that has seen tremendous growth within a specific time. This signifies that these jobs have sustained growth for professionals who are hired into specialized roles over the years. Following the changing trends also allows us to have an insight into the growth rate and keep track of the salary hikes.


The role of Emerging Jobs Analysis

The emerging job analysis is performed by several notable companies such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed.com, etc. From factors like employee reviews and a full-time position held for a minimum of 5 years, employer’s preference, skills and the scope of growth, hiring rate, and the annual growth rate that determines the fastest-growing jobs in the industry.

This analysis is useful for organizations and individuals. Organizations can delve deep into addressing skill gaps and future needs. It provides insight on whether they need to search in the talent market or there is a possibility of development among their employees. On the other hand, for individuals, the benefit of this analysis extends beyond the identification of the highest paying jobs. It provides an insight into the identification of skills, career paths, and assesses the individual potential to change the trajectory of their career graphs.

As per LinkedIn reports, the fastest-growing tech jobs in the U.S for the year 2020 are listed in the following sections.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the most trending topics. Artificial intelligence has gained its foothold in every possible industry. Today an artificial intelligence career is the most sought after profession among other technology jobs. The jobs generated for this role have grown over the years that stands at a staggering 74% annual growth in the past 4 years.

Skills required for the job:

Machine learning, Deep Learning, Python, Tensor Flow, Natural Language Processing and MATLAB

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information technology and software, Artificial intelligence research labs and groups, Electronics, Higher Education

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Robotics Engineer

The robotics industry is gaining upward momentum. Sophia the social humanoid robot is among the most popular robots that captured the imagination across the globe. Careers in the robotics industry include software and hardware specialists and artificial intelligence engineers.

Skills required for the job:

Robotics Process Automation, UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information Technology, Industrial Automation, Automotive Industry

Annual Growth:


Average base Salary:



Data Scientist

Data scientists’ role has been among the most popular ones in the industry. The job trends in recent years indicated that the field of data science is still evolving and it has generated the maximum job opportunities as compared to other roles in the tech industry. A data scientist is considered to be a valuable addition to any industry. As the data has become more complex over the years, the specialized roles in the data science world are expected to grow significantly.

Skills required for the job:

Machine learning, Data Science, R, Python, Spark, SAS

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information technology and software, Financial services, Freight, and Cargo, Healthcare

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Full-Stack Developers

This job belongs to the category of technology-oriented careers that has been around for many years. The roles that were defined as frontend and backend developers were popular in the earlier times. To keep up with the rapid pace of the change in this industry, full-stack developers are considered to be well aware of the frontend and the backend requirements. This makes them very popular in the technology industry. There are job postings of full-stack developers constantly.

Skills required for the job:

React.js, Node.js, Javascript, Angular JS, CSS

Industries hiring these professionals:

Software development industry, Internet, and Financial Services.

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Data Engineer

A data engineer is among the most valuable assets of a company. The tasks for a data engineer ranges from managing large databases to building the data pipeline to ensure the correct flow of data within an organization. The hiring rate of such professionals has increased in the past 5 years.

Skills required for the job:

Apache, Spark, Python, Big data, Amazon web services

Industries hiring these professionals:

Health care, Information technology industry, and financial services.

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Information Security Analyst

With the number of hacking cases that have been reported in recent years, it is no surprise to find the need for such professionals to grow rapidly. As the name suggests, they are responsible for maintaining privacy of data and protect the critical information of an organization from cyber threats.

Skills required for the job:

Cybersecurity, Information and network security, Cryptography, Ethical Hacking and Data recovery

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information technology and software services, Defense, Computer network and security services, Financial corporations

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Cloud Engineers

The cloud environment has changed the way of delivering products and services to the targeted market. The cloud industry continues to grow each year. This has created the need for cloud experts to ensure the efficiency and the smooth functioning of the cloud operations.

Skills required for the job:

Amazon web services, Cloud Computing, Docker Products, Jenkins

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information technology and software, Financial Services and Telecommunications

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Javascript Developers

Javascript developers have survived the technical evolution. There is a constant demand for such developers. It is considered to be among the top in-demand skills for a software expert.

Skills required for the job:

React.js, Node.js, Angular.js, JavaScript, CSS

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information technology and software, Financial services and Marketing industries

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Software Engineers

Software engineers are the most common job profiles that are seen in the technical industry. They are responsible for creating applications and build systems. These jobs are relevant even in the times of advanced technologies and hold a steady growth factor for professionals in this role.

Skills required for the job:

Programming skills, Python, C++, Java, Linux

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information technology, Software services

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Blockchain Professionals

Blockchain is another technology that has created an impact in many industries such as finance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. Blockchain is related to a digital decentralized database. This technology has introduced safety for data. The deletion of data from the database is impossible without a password. Industries are investing highly for such professionals that are experts in blockchain technology.

Skills required for the job:

C++, Java, Cryptography, JavaScript, Database, Data Structures

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information technology, Software services

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Web Designers

These professionals work on developing websites and web-based applications. They are the brains behind creating eye-catching websites that include creating page layouts and wireframes. Web design provides attractive career options and job opportunities such as UX and UI designers, web developers. With the addition of creativity in these jobs, job satisfaction is high among the professionals along with competitive salaries.

Skills required for the job:

CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Python

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information technology, Graphics, and web development services

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Site Reliability Engineer

This job may seem new among technical careers. With the increase in the rate of app development, the need for engineers to maintain the functioning of these apps is becoming essential. Therefore, these professionals are highly in demand. The skills that they possess allow them to transfer their career roles as cloud engineers or full-stack experts.

Skills required for the job:

Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Kubernetes, Terraform

Industries hiring these professionals:

Information technology, Software services, Internet services, and Android Development industry

Annual Growth:


Average Base Salary:



Key points of the current tech industry

Data science is at the peak of the current technical job market. The continued growth of this sector has generated jobs on a large scale. The potential of data science has started replacing obsolete job roles that were time-consuming for an organization. A gradual shift of industries like insurance and banking towards data science technologies have replaced certain tasks performed traditionally by statisticians.

Engineering and research and development have observed a steep rise with the incorporation of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things in the mix. The rate at which startups have grown has shown the potential of such advanced technologies. The aspirants debating about a technical career must be assured as it is the boom period of technical innovations, thus it is among the best times to be an engineer.

Online learning has achieved success and turned into a multibillion-dollar industry. To have a successful e-learning platform, it is crucial to have technical experts for continuous support to learners and ensuring a smooth experience for them. The integration of cloud labs is another factor that needs tech professionals for its efficiency and ease of use.

Smarter systems and smart healthcare are popular in the artificial intelligence (AI) specialty. The need for AI experts has grown significantly, however, there is a gap between the demand for such professionals and the actual number of employable talents in the employment market. Several industry experts and academicians have come together to form industry-oriented courses to address the gap and produce highly skilled experts in the field of AI. The next wave of AI research is targeted at smarter driving assistance which has already seen its share of success. Modern-day automotive manufacturers are focused on road safety and ease of driving with a keen eye on providing passenger safety with automation and intelligent sensors. Robotics and personal assistants are continuously improving. The addition of smarter functionalities like conversational capabilities and processing speech to text are some of the important value addition in these sectors. These criteria have led to an increase of more specialized roles and more opportunities are being available for the tech industry.

In an era of social media, data generation has been immense. The business growth of companies also adds to the amount of data generated yearly. Such large volumes of data need to be handled efficiently and provide critical information for an organization to prosper furthermore. Such newer requisites paved the way for technologies such as big data. Together, with the help of big data specialists and data scientists, an organization becomes fully equipped and future-ready.

A significant amount of work is also available for the freelance workforce with individuals looking for specific technical skills to address their work requirements. The freelance sector has been home to one of the largest networks for engineers among other professions, that have benefitted from the number of remote work opportunities.

Essential Technical Skills

The world of technology is constantly evolving. Professionals in the information technology sector must adapt and learn and train themselves to keep up with the latest trends and remain competitive. To keep themselves up-to-date, it is of utmost importance to acquire the correct skills for newer opportunities and job roles with a keen eye on the growth of a career as a professional. Some of the recent surveys have listed out the must-have technical skills as per the latest market trends which are described in the following section.


Spark was developed by Hadoop as an open-source engine. It is beneficial for processing large datasets. To have the right architecture is a priority for organizations as they look to minimize cost with efficiency in the mode of operations. Technical experts with the knowledge of Spark have strong programming skills and are on the lookout for hiring such engineers. It is important to note that professionals targeting a career in big data must have this skill to gain a competitive advantage of being hired.


A cloud computing platform from Microsoft that aimed at enhancing the productivity of IT professionals. Since its inception, the Azure platform has been instrumental in simplifying the analytical tasks and app developments. As there are different requirements of each organization, it is advisable to be updated with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services knowledge to secure a competitive tech role.


Python, the most used programming language in recent times. The versatility and simplicity in its usage have made it the most preferred language. The support for multiple libraries is one of its strengths that can help to work with large datasets and complex problems. Python is used for software development to research-oriented problems, web development, and machine learning tasks, computer vision and natural language processing, and several more. It is at the top of the charts of being the most important requirements for moving up the technical hierarchical ladder.

Big Data

The systematic analysis and extraction of information from large data to find insights into customer behavior have been possible with big data. Such complex data is difficult to be processed with traditional data-processing technologies. Big data helps organizations to store large amounts of data from various sources in a cost-effective manner. These tasks are possible with the help of big data architects and big data developers, hence such professionals command competitive pay and one of the must-have skills among the emerging trends.


This programming language has not been mentioned often among multiple surveys, but it is one of the most effective for performing numerical computations. It is developed by MathWorks. MATLAB allows the implementation of algorithms, creating the user interface, matrix manipulations among several other possibilities. It is a programming language that is essential for professionals targeting the image processing and computer vision industries. From simple mathematical computations to creating a neural network, MATLAB can be used for various complex tasks. The knowledge of Python and MATLAB is a plus which will highlight a professional’s career tremendously.

Cloud Computing

As more businesses are shifting towards the cloud environment due to the possibility of addressing the need for storage and hosting their service on a shared or rented server, the cloud architectures have started becoming more complex. With architectures trying to address multiple users on a shared platform and to ensure security, cloud computing technologies require skillful professionals to make it a possibility. Therefore, a strong technical background and cloud computing expertise will entice companies to hire such talents with a competitive salary package.


Hive is another key requirement for big data experts. Hive is useful for the analysis of a large dataset that is spread over several low-cost servers. Hive is a new addition in the field of big data, however, it has already garnered attention and it is gradually becoming popular. The knowledge of the Hive would be a valuable addition to any big data developer.


Cassandra was introduced to the technical world by Facebook. Casandra is a database that is known as a NoSQL database that is used to store, analyze, and process large data sets. It is popular among tech giants such as Apple, Instagram, Netflix, and Spotify. Expertise in this technology will guarantee a highly competitive job.

Docker and Kubernetes

Tools like Docker and Kubernetes are extremely important for data scientists and software developers. A Docker is a container that helps the developer in testing their application in a unified environment which in turn simplifies the deployment process. All of the dependencies are included in a single process of deployment. Similarly, Kubernetes helps in the management of the containers. With the use of Kubernetes, the scalability of the application is guaranteed.


Recently, technical jobs have a prerequisite of knowing about GitHub.  Git is a control system for tracking the changes in the source course during a software development process. The knowledge of Git is handy for any developer as it works well on various operating systems and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).  Besides, it provides data integrity and support for distributed and non-linear workflows.


React is a popular web framework that helps simplify the development of a user-interface. It was released in the year 2013 by Facebook. The aim is to simplify the interface by dividing the user interface into a group of components. ReactJs helps to build faster applications with lesser codes and more functionality. For web developers, it is important to gain an understanding of this tool for developing full-scale and dynamic applications.


The tech industry is one of the largest industries with billions of workforces. In the world of digitization, technology has played a crucial part in transforming businesses.  It is essential to stay up-to-date and add to the skill set to maintain relevance in the fast-paced technology industry. As businesses adopt advanced technologies, the need for specialized technical professionals has grown. There are new job roles that demand highly skilled talents. To be able to maximize the available opportunities, gaining the right skills assures to accelerate career growth. The emerging jobs ensure individuals continually keep track of these changes and find the right path to direct their careers into the most enticing job roles in the job market.

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