Edureka is a leading e-learning platform that provides training to students and professionals in order to make them industry experts in their respective fields. The company has grown rapidly since its inception and offers courses from the world’s best universities, colleges, industry leaders, and government organizations so as to deliver quality education.

In this Edureka review, we will tell you everything you need to know about this online learning platform. We’ll cover everything from the learning experience to the types of technology courses that are offered – we will even give you an overview of prices! Our Edureka courses review aims to be as comprehensive as possible so that you know if Edureka courses are right for you.

What is Edureka?

Edureka is an award-winning online education company that offers both online and offline training on various technologies. The company was founded in 2013 with the aim of making high-quality education accessible to everyone, irrespective of skill level or geographical location.

When it comes to finding an online education marketplace, it’s no secret that there are countless options out there. Although there are platforms that are cheaper, bigger, and perhaps easier to stumble upon, this Edureka courses review will show you all the reasons why it might be the best for you.

One of the fastest-growing platforms out there, Edureka offers a unique system for continuing education. It partners with academic organizations and corporations to offer 24×7 classes, support, and even built-in messaging and reminder systems.

It was founded by Lovleen Bhatia, Kapil Tyagi, and Vineet Chaturvedi and backed by a team of loyal investors and followers. Edureka has evolved over its roughly ten years’ worth of growth – and made significant changes that have dramatically improved the way it offers classes to its students. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India, and has an estimated annual revenue of more than 5.2 million dollars – despite the fact that it originally started as a small business initiative. It is now one of the most popular training platforms in the world.

Founded in 2011, this e-learning provider is a private company that is similar in structure and content to Simplilearn, another online learning option. With over 400,000 students and thousands of hours of Edureka training, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on this platform. 

Who is Edureka For?

Edureka is an excellent option for any student seeking a more flexible way to earn a credential. With Edureka, you can view online lecture skin around 20 different categories. 

Some of the categories and topics covered on Edureka include things like:

  • Edureka big data
  • Cloud computing
  • Software testing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Frontend development
  • Mobile development
  • Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
  • Robotic process automation
  • Edureka DevOps training
  • Edureka data science courses
  • Databases 
  • Project management and methodologies
  • Digital marketing
  • BI and visualization
  • Operating systems
  • Data warehousing and ETL
  • Programming and frameworks
  • Architecture and design patterns 
  • Edureka Hadoop training

The world of IT is changing rapidly, and anyone who’s looking to make a mark in the industry will need up-to-date knowledge on emerging technologies like Machine Learning & Blockchain. Courses on Edureka are available for all levels, from graduate students starting out their careers, through professionals with decades of experience.

How Does Edureka Work?

Edureka Courses

They might be new to the game, but Edureka is sure making a splash. With live classes and plenty of hands-on practice time – in addition to their extensive range of courses – they have something for everyone at every level.

Edureka knows what it’s like when you’re just getting started with your career or education–you need all the help that you can get! That’s why they make sure students have as many chances possible during a course to learn practical skills without having too much pressure on themselves if they mess up. 

With Edureka, you’ll find all kinds of hands-on, straightforward courses, assignments, and tasks. The courses here are taught by skilled instructors and often offered in partnership with educational institutions and major corporations. 

Edureka provides a platform where students can take courses and interact with course content. The company’s employees are committed to helping all its customers achieve their learning goals, both on the mobile app as well as through the website. 

This is a platform for online degree programs that includes live screen-sharing courses with interactive online lectures led by experienced professionals. 

To get you oriented at the start of your courses, an Edureka Learning Manager will contact you in order to introduce yourself. Here, you can express your needs for achieving your desired level of mastery or understanding of any given topic/subject matter.

You’ll be able to join interactive online lectures led by a qualified and experienced professional. They will teach you step-by-step in real-time through live demonstrations from the convenience of your own home! You can also participate in Q&A sessions with fellow classmates even if you miss out on it live, as Edureka records all their courses for our students’ viewing pleasure.

The Edureka team understands that it is not enough for students to simply attend live classes; they believe in putting their education into practice. For this reason, the company offers practical assignments and quizzes so you can assess your understanding of all lessons learned.

Features and Functionality

Edureka Features

Here are some of the most important features to note about Edureka and its overall functionality. 

Live, Trending, and  Comprehensive Courses

Edureka features some of the best and most in-demand skill improvement programs. You can take classes in everything from DevOps to Python and everything in between. Plus, many of these programs culminate in certifications.

The Edureka certification value cannot be overlooked. Most of these certification options are well-regarded by industry professionals and employers. Although they might not lead to anything along the lines of college credit, nor are they credit-bearing, they can be useful when it comes to landing a job. Feel free to publish those certifications on your resume or LinkedIn profile!

Variety of Apps

With Edureka, you can download an app on your smartphone, tablet, or similar device so you can take your learning on the go. This app is compatible both with iOS and Android. Plus, as a subscriber, you can audit live lectures right on the app – no need to head to a computer!

24/7 Customer Support

With Edureka, you’ll have access to 24/7 customer support. You’ll be able to receive help and guidance with your classes around the clock so you don’t have to worry about being stuck out there on your own.

High-Quality Lectures and Activities

The lectures you’ll receive access to on Edureka are some of the best around. Not only will you learn from expert instructors but you’ll also be able to put your learning into practice. Each lecture on this platform ciliates in a live project with real-life data sets. You can get a good idea of what’s in store for you in a tech career. Plus, each project is created by an expert and continuously updated. 

Edureka is known for offering some of the best IT training programs on the market, and the costs and fees associated with this online learning platform are known to be quite affordable, too.

Edureka Pricing Model

With Edureka, you’ll find that the pricing varies from one course to the next. Although these courses are priced a bit higher than what you might find with other e-learning platforms, they still present a reasonable way for students to earn their certifications and credentials.

Each course varies in its pricing. A class covering full stack web developer training, a master program, might cost anywhere between $1000 and $2000, while a cybersecurity certification course might cost around $250-$300. 

Other Edureka certification training programs might cost around $300 to $400. Course pricing varies depending on the workload, the credentials of the instructor, and whether a certification is delivered at the end of the course. 


There are some commonly echoed complaints about Edureka’s customer service – namely, that the call features leave something to be desired. 

However, for the most part, Edureka prides itself on its team of “support ninjas.” These ninjas are happy to help if you get stuck on a project – this will help you gain specialized knowledge of individual projects so that you can work through struggles without having to abandon them entirely. 

You can get in touch with customer service in several ways. You can email sales@edureka.co or call  +1 877 959 4010, a toll-free number for customers and users in the United States. You can also use the messaging system that’s available on the company website for a quicker response.

The Advantages (Pros) of Edureka

Here are some of the biggest benefits associated with using the Edureka platform.


Upon successful completion of the course and live project, you will be eligible to receive an Edureka Certificate that is recognized worldwide. This certificate exhibits your competency in the tech field that you have chosen to master.


Although the pricing on each Edureka course does vary depending on the length of the class and the content it covers, most users would agree that this platform is affordable. Not only that, but you can choose from taking classes at a variety of times so that you can work according to when it’s convenient for you  – this will give you tons of flexibility in completing your classes. 

Experienced Lecturers

Imagine a virtual environment where you have an industry expert teaching you every nuance of a particular technology  – live. As the learner, your options are to tick off their instructor or even speak with one during and after class is underway for all levels of learners in that course.

Plus each individual will get personal attention while on Edureka’s platform so they can learn at their own pace- it just doesn’t get any better than this! In fact, this is a feature that you just won’t find on most e-learning platform alternatives. 

Ability to Return to Lectures 

When you sign up for an Edureka course, you’ll receive lifetime access to the course content. You can also go back to read up on additional material after your live lecture has ended. The Learning Management System contains a large catalog of reference materials, like class recordings, project collateral, and more. 

The Disadvantages (Cons) of Edureka

Of course, as with anything, there are a few disadvantages to using Edureka as well. Here are some of the most common ones we saw echoed among student reviews. 

Not Free 

Edureka is not the platform to consider if you’re looking for a free way to build your knowledge in tech topics. There are other platforms and MOOCs for that! Some of its courses are exorbitantly priced, and while we wouldn’t argue that they aren’t worth it, the cost is something to be considered. Of course, there are free trial options available for many pathways. 

Lack of Course Upgrades?

Although the courses we previewed had all been recently updated, there were some students who complained in their Edureka course reviews about a lack of recent course upgrades. Because of this, you might find that the courses don’t contain the content you’d like to see. Fortunately, there are enough courses spread out among various topics that you shouldn’t have a problem finding an option regardless. 

Mixed Customer Service Reviews

Edureka’s customer service is something of a mixed bag. On the one hand, they’re always ready to help and seem very happy with their job. 

However, some people are less than pleased about how sometimes it can take up to an hour or more for them to respond via email – which seems like remarkable slowness considering that Edureka claims its reps will answer any question within 10 minutes time on business days.

Edureka Alternatives

There are several alternatives to Edureka that you may want to consider as you are looking for the best e-learning platform for your needs. 

One of these is PluralSight. PluralSight is an online learning management platform that provides teachers and creative training for all professional individuals. The company offers a huge collection of courses, including those for IT administrators and designers, on its websites. Plural Sight was originally known as Digital Tutors and offers a variety of reasonably priced courses. 

PluralSight is one of the most popular sources for online training. Millions and millions of people find PluralSight’s digital tutorials to be exactly what they need in order to get their careers ahead or just learn something new that will make them more marketable.

Although its topics aren’t quite as far-reaching as those offered by Edureka, another option to consider is Linux Academy. Linux Academy is a mobile application that has hundreds of interactive lessons for you to choose from. 

These courses are updated frequently, so there’s always new and exciting content available! Linux Academy offers in-depth video tutorials on every topic related to Linux, Cloud Computing, or DevOps. 

You can search through the course catalogs with ease when using this comprehensive app – whether it be an overview of Docker containers or diving deep into topics like System Security Administration & Auditing Techniques. This app makes learning fun and keeps your mind engaged while providing valuable knowledge at all hours. Plus, you can participate in practice exams and advanced training tools that will help you progress toward various certifications. 

A final alternative to Edureka is A Cloud Guru. A Cloud Guru is one of the best apps for those looking to get certified and displaying mastery in cloud computing. You can watch online courses on how AWS works, or download video tutorials offline so you can learn anywhere with an internet connection. 

With over ten thousand practice tests available that cover every exam topic imaginable, there’s no need to worry about your success when it comes time to take said exams. A Cloud Guru will have you covered.


Edureka is a company that specializes in providing world-class learning and development services. A fast-growing company, they offer courses for virtually any IT skill, from web programming to cybersecurity. Of course, if you’re trying to decide if Edureka courses are right for you, then this basic overview probably won’t help you make a decision.

That said, there are several notable advantages to choosing Edureka over other online learning platforms. For one, its courses have an excellent completion rate, indicating that the teaching method and methodologies here are effective and easy to understand. Also, Edureka offers affordable courses, coupled with certificate programs that can help you get an edge on the job market  – and do so without accruing a ton of student debt, too. 

Consider the information we gave you above in our detailed Edureka review as you’re trying to decide whether to take the plunge and sign up for Edureka training yourself. Ultimately, this online learning platform is a great one to consider – but only you can decide if it’s the best choice for you. 


Are Edureka certificates worth it?

Absolutely! At Edureka, you will get a valuable certificate that can help your career grow and prepare for job interviews. The company’s employees are always willing to help you rewrite CVs or even provide helpful tips before the interview starts.

Edureka has been helping professionals advance their careers in today’s competitive workforce since 2010. Their focus on personalized and custom training makes the learning process more effective than ever before, eliminating barriers to entry for those who want a career break or change of profession.

Edureka offers courses that cover everything from Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 essentials to Java programming basics so you can get back into your old job with confidence or pursue something new without worry about finding another trainer when it is time for interview prep work-shops after completion of coursework!

Are Edureka courses good?

Despite a few complaints, Edureka is the ideal platform for learning. Many people are thrilled with how easy it is to use this site and its services. The majority of users love that customer service can be reached at any time they need help or have questions about their account information.

A minority of customers complain that while chat support has been improved significantly in recent months, phone calls still come up as often outbound numbers instead of local ones which means you don’t know where your call will connect before picking up. However, since there’s an option for emailing them, too, we’re not sure what all the fuss is about!

The platform is super-easy for people who are underprepared in their areas of study because there’s an extensive library that covers everything from math sections to business case studies.

Is Edureka good for Python?

Edureka’s Python Certification is the first of its kind in India and offers an opportunity to those who have experience, but lack formal qualifications. It will not only help you get a job as there are many companies that look for this certification alone, but it also provides real-life projects which teach students about testing their skills against industry standards.

Edureka’s Python Certification is recognized by employers all over the world due to how well prepared it makes participants. With practical learning through intensive hands-on training, you will love what this platform has to offer. 

Are Edureka courses free?

Some of the courses on Edureka are free. Edureka is a revolutionary online technical training platform that offers Big Data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain-based courses. With Edureka’s free or paid plans for any course, you will receive access to a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can start learning without any risk to you. 

How much do Edureka certification training courses cost?

The cost to attend Edureka’s courses ranges from $60-$1,000 depending on your qualifications, with a median cost of around $480. 

Who can join Edureka?

Absolutely anyone can join Edureka! So if you’re new to coding, data science, or any similar disciplines, this is a platform you may want to consider giving a try. No experience necessary!

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