Have you been invited to a technical interview at one of the world’s top tech companies, like Google, Microsoft, or Apple? Perhaps you’re ready to take your education as a software engineer to the next level and want to start preparing for the demands of interviewing.

Our AlgoExpert review will help you find the best place to do so.

As you’re looking for the ideal online learning platform to prepare, you might find that you’re growing increasingly frustrated. Although there are plenty of resources out there to teach you coding skills and other hard and soft skills you might need to ace a technical interview, there are few that offer this kind of preparation in more than one programming language.

In our review of AlgoExpert, you’ll find that this unique online learning platform is different. 

Keep reading to learn how – and whether this platform is right for you. 

What is AlgoExpert?

Founded in 2017, AlgoExpert was created by Clement Mihailescu. An aspiring software engineer, Mihailescu was placed in a tricky – albeit exciting – position when he landed his first coding interviews for a promising software engineering job at Google.

To prepare for the interviews, he found himself poring over textbooks, reading articles, and watching YouTube videos. Despite hours’ worth of preparation, Mihailescu didn’t feel adequately prepared – and instead just felt frustrated and defeated. 

Because most textbooks were written with a focus on Java and C++ and not on other languages, like Javascript, he found himself struggling to understand the content. 

AlgoExpert was created out of Mihailescu’s desire to offer a more accessible way to get yourself ready for technical interviews at some of the company’s leading tech companies, such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. 

It is a paid online learning platform designed specifically for software engineers. Here, you will be able to practice interview questions to prepare you for an in-demand career in tech.

Unlike other online learning platforms, this one focuses primarily on technical skills. You’ll navigate through various questions in things like data structures, algorithms, and problem solving with more than 160 types of questions to help you prepare. 

Who is AlgoExpert For?

AlgoExpert is a one-of-a-kind platform that is ideal for aspiring software developers.

However, if you’re new to software development, then it’s probably not the platform for you. It’s not trying to offer a beginner-level education in programming or to teach newbies the basics of computer science. 

Instead, its goal is to prepare people who more or less already know what they are doing for lucrative careers in software development. It’s more of an interview preparation tool than anything else. 

Designed for professionals who already have a strong training in the field, it’s truly for the upper echelon of the industry, targeting professionals who are looking for jobs at places like Facebook, Amazon, and Google.

How Does AlgoExpert Work?

The content on AlgoExpert spans 15 categories and four difficulty levels so that you can be prepared for anything your interviewer throws your way. In addition, nine different programming languages are covered, with the platform allowing you to use an in-browser window to write and run your own code. 

When you prepare for interviews with AlgoExpert, you won’t just be asked questions in a shotgun-style pattern. Instead, for each question, you’ll be given a two-part video explanation. This will provide you with a clear, contextual, and conceptual overview of each algorithm, teaching you the best way to approach, optimize, implement, and analyze the problem. 

You will also be given a clear walkthrough of the code in Python.

There are a few different options you can choose from when you sign up for AlgoExpert. 

AlgoExpert is the ultimate resource to help you prepare for coding interviews, with everything you need in a simple, easy-to-navigate, and streamlined platform. 

SystemsExpert is another option to consider. A bit less expensive than AlgoExpert, it is a course on large-scale distributed systems to help you ace interviews specifically in systems design. 

MLExpert, on the other hand, will help you learn machine learning coding questions. It includes a series on large-scale machine learning along with a helpful glossary of machine learning terms. Again, you’ll receive comprehensive video explanations and all the other features of AlgoExpert and SystemsExpert – but for aspiring machine learners instead.

Features and Functionality

Here are some of the most significant features of AlgoExpert that you need to know about as you prepare for the job of a lifetime.


Hundreds of Hand-Picked Questions

One of the most difficult elements of preparing for an interview is not knowing what to expect. It can provoke anxiety and uncertainty, but AlgoExpert takes some of the uncertainty out of the process with its 150+ questions. 

The questions are separated into five difficulty levels – easy, medium, hard, very hard, and extremely hard. 

In addition to searching questions by difficulty level, you can also narrow your search down by category. There are fourteen categories covered by AlgoExpert, including:

  • Binary search trees
  • Linked lists
  • Binary trees
  • Strings
  • Searching
  • Stacks
  • Arrays
  • Famous algorithms
  • Dynamic programming
  • Sorting
  • Recursion
  • Graphs
  • Tries
  • Heaps 

….in addition to challenges like:

  • Palindrome partitioning
  • Nth Fibonacci
  • Depth-first search
  • Merge sort
  • Group anagrams
  • Move element to end

More than 100 Hours of Video Explanations

AlgoExpert Features

When you’re preparing for a challenging interview in software development, it’s not enough to just work through practice problems  – you also need to understand why things are the way they are!

AlgoExeprt will prepare you with its 100 hours of video explanations. Code walk-throughs are in Python (the argument for this being that Python is the easiest to read) but solution files are available in nine different programming languages.

Each video explanation is strategically broken down into two separate parts – a conceptual overview and a code walkthrough. In the conceptual overview, you’ll create a strategy for the algorithm, including how to approach, implement, optimize, and analyze it. 

In the code walkthrough, you’ll focus primarily on implementation. 


Workspace Environment

With any of the AlgoExpert options, you will enjoy access to a powerful workspace environment that features a helpful text editor, a full mock video interview, guided question and answer sessions, and clear written solution walkthroughs.

This will enable you to practice in a realistic, hands-on way. 


A Crash Course in Data Structures

As you likely already know, data structures form the foundation of most coding interviews with a huge emphasis placed on this area at most tech companies. 

In the crash course in data structures at Algo Expert, you’ll benefit from a video series that will provide you with the foundational knowledge you need to be well-versed in all the popular data structures you might encounter. 


Analyses of Space-Time Complexities

Knowing and comprehending how much memory is used by an algorithm (as well as how quickly it runs) is incredibly important when it comes to technical interviews. Each video explanation includes a helpful and in-depth space-time complexity analysis to make sure you’re at the top of your game.


Solutions Offered in 9 Programming Languages 

One of Algo Experts’ founding principles is that you shouldn’t have to prepare for an interview in just one language – everybody has their own unique specialties.

Because of this, the platform offers solutions in nine different languages, including Python, JavaScript, C++, C#, Java, Swift, Go, TypeScript, and Kotlin. 



A typical day at a coding interview can be stressful, especially when you consider how intensive the assessments are.

AlgoExpert simulates this environment to prepare you as best as it possibly can, providing you with assessments that include not only the content you might encounter, but also the format of the assessments themselves.

Generally speaking, these practice assessments include four hours to answer two questions followed by a one-hour break and then an additional four hours to answer two more questions.

Each assessment is timed and curated to mimic a real day of coding interviews. The assessments are filled with variety in terms of both content and difficulty level.


Mock Coding Interviews 

In addition to the coding assessments described above, AlgoExpert also features 15 videos to prepare you for the behavioral interview. You’ll get three videos that offer advice for the behavioral interview along with 12 additional videos that offer theoretical answers to those interview questions. 

These interviews will allow you to practice with a real human being, enabling you to partner with other people and participate in interviews in a shared workspace.


Certificate of Completion

When you complete all 100+ questions on AlgoExpert, you will be able to earn a certificate of completion, helping you prove to yourself and others that you’re ready to move on to the next step in your career – acing the interview! 

AlgoExpert Pricing Model

AlgoExpert Pricing Model

AlgoExpert has several different pricing models. Choose to purchase an AlgoExpert plan and you can enjoy access for one year. 

AlgoExpert costs $99 per year. Select this subscription and you’ll receive:

  • 160 coding interview questions
  • Two-part video explanations
  • Space-time complexity analyses
  • Solutions in nine different programming languages
  • Certificate of completion
  • Crash course on data structures
  • Four coding assessments
  • Behavioral interview content
  • In-browser IDE

Alternatively, you can purchase SystemsExpert if you’re interested in a career in systems design. This plan costs $79 for a year of access and includes:

  • 10 systems interview questions
  • Systems design course
  • Glossary of design terms
  • Video explanations
  • Certificate of completion
  • Written walkthroughs and systems diagrams
  • Timed quiz 
  • Behavioral interview content

Last but not least is MLExpert, which costs $99 per year for one year of access. You’ll get:

  • Machine learning coding and design questions
  • Exhaustive course on machine learning
  • Glossary of terms
  • Video explanations
  • Certificate of success
  • Timed quiz
  • Behavioral interview content

Can’t decide which product to purchase? You’ll get a 25% discount for bundling when you buy two or more of these products. 

There are also bulk packages available if you want to buy a bundle for a group of students. 

It’s important to note that, when you buy an AlgoExpert subscription, you are buying it only for one year. Your subscription will not be renewed after your license expires. You’ll have to go back in and purchase the product again. 

However, if you decide to purchase it for an additional year, you’ll receive a 30% loyalty discount. This discount is reelected in the product price on the purchase page after you have logged in. 


When you sign up to use AlgoExpert to prepare for your interview, you’ll benefit from a supportive learning environment that features video tutorials, troubleshooting guides, question and answer sessions, and more.

If you are struggling with some technical aspects of using the platform itself, you can check out the FAQ on the AlgoExpert website. This is also the place where you can file a bug report or view solutions to common issues that you might encounter.

The Advantages (Pros) of AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert is an interview preparation resource for software developers that is taking the world by storm. Here’s what you need to know about its many advantages. 

Excellent Outcomes 

Let the reviews speak for themselves!

AlgoExpert graduates and customers have landed jobs at top tech companies such as:

  • Zillow
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Two sigma
  • Morgan Stanley
  • NBC Universal
  • Bloomberg
  • Simon
  • Amazon 
  • BlackRock
  • Microsoft 

Superb Practice Environment

AlgoExpert offers an excellent practice environment, bringing together both video and interactive code editors to help prepare you for a technical interview.

You’ll have access to a four-pane section in which you can read the question, code your solution or solutions, run your code, receive helpful hints, and hopefully, pass the tests. You’ll be able to do all of this in your programming language of choice.

You’ll be able to navigate around multiple tabs for the ultimate level of control, accessing an upper left panel that will allow you to read prompts, use a scratchpad for notes, view the solution, and watch the video explanation.

Wide Variety of Questions and Categories 

One of the most challenging aspects of preparing for an interview in any field – but especially software development and coding – is not knowing what to expect. If you want to ace your interview, AlgoExpert is the way to go.

This online learning platform includes questions in fifteen different categories with more than 160 different questions to choose from. They’re offered at all difficulty levels, too, so you can start off easy and go from there.

Questions are included in categories like sorting, searching, dynamic programming, binary trees, strings, trees, graphs, arrays, and much more. Chances are, even if there’s only a slight likelihood that a question will be asked on a certain topic in an interview, AlgoExpert includes it in its vast collection of questions. 

Helpful Videos 

The thing that really sets AlgoExpert apart from its competitors is its catalog of helpful videos. It’s no secret that interview questions and algorithms are tricky – but something that is arguably even trickier is trying to understand the inner workings of a difficult algorithm from a book. 

AlgoExpert offers crisp, easy-to-follow 1080p videos with clear audio. These are strategically broken down into two separate sections to offer you comprehensive explanations and solutions to questions. 

There is more than 100 hours of content and all of it is tailored specifically to you to help make understanding interview questions and algorithms easy. 

Ultimate Crash Course in Data Structures 

The data structures crash course is another defining feature of AlgoExpert. 

With this course, you’ll be able to cover everything you need to know, such as fundamental concepts pertaining to memory, Big O notation, and complexity analysis. The course breaks down popular data structures as you can get a clear idea of how those concepts are applied. This can alleviate a lot of the stress and uncertainty you might experience walking into an interview and not knowing what to expect!  

Big O Notation Made Easy

AlgoExpert makes Big O Notation easy. You’ll cover both time complexity and space complexity in your work, learning everything from what O(logN) really means to the time-complexity difference between appending a value to an array and adding a character to a string.

All video explanations take a deep dive into this content as well as space-complexity so that you can become the most well-rounded Big O expert possible. 

Nine Languages Offer Accessibility For Everyone

A major downfall of most interview preparation resources is that they aren’t accessible to everyone because they’re offered only in one programming language. With so many programming languages to choose from, there’s a good chance that the language offered will be a language that you don’t know.

With AlgoExpert, you no longer have to worry about that – all questions come with written solutions in nine popular languages. This makes the resource more accessible for data scientists, “Androiders,” “old-schoolers,” and iOS engineers alike!

The Disadvantages (Cons) of AlgoExpert

Consider these disadvantages of AlgoExpert as you’re deciding whether it’s worth spending $99 to prepare for an interview.

Only 100 Questions

Some critics have argued that AlgoExpert simply is not worth the money because it only offers 100 questions to prepare you, many of which are standard and well-known by the entire software engineering community. Some argue that the materials could be accessed for free via the Internet or through other platforms, like LeetCode’s non-premium resources.

However, it’s important to note that while learning these skills and accessing the material through the Internet is a possibility, it’s going to take some time (and some digging) to find exactly what you are looking for. If you want to skip the search, AlgoExpert is the way to go.

Geared Toward Visual Learners

Many people argue that AlgoExpert doesn’t have enough content to make it worth its price tag, especially if you aren’t necessarily a visual learner. AlgoExpert prepares learners primarily through videos and other visually-oriented activities.

If you learn best by listening or some other fashion, then this might not be the best platform for you. 

No Free Version – and No Refunds

AlgoExpert is one of those platforms that knows its worth – unapologetically. There is no free trial plan – although you can try out a few questions in each difficulty level and category before you buy a subscription. 

While most users are satisfied with the experience that this platform has to offer, the downside of using it is that if you aren’t satisfied, there are no refunds. You get what you get!

AlgoExpert Alternatives

If you’re hoping to land a job in software development, you have a lot of resources to choose from to help you get prepared. However, AlgoExpert is one of the best. With dozens of testimonials from employers and engineers alike,all of whom highly praise the quality selection of videos, algorithms, and explanations here, you’ll find that there’s not much in terms of competition.

A major competitor to AlgoExpert is LeetCode. LeetCode is similar to AlgoExpert in that it offers a wide variety of coding problems at various levels of difficulty and content. 

The biggest difference between the two? While AlgoExeprt does not have any kind of free plan, LeetCode has a basic tier that is 100% free. 

In addition, this platform focuses more on scoring and peer competition, relying on a close-knit community to provide solutions and context to problems. AlgoExpert is more individually-driven. 

While you’ll likely enjoy the collaborative environment of LeetCode, some users have reported frustration in that users often try to “one-up” each other with their solutions, taking the focus away from interview preparation and placing it more on the competition. You also do not receive video explanations or upgrades for help, even with the paid version of LeetCode (which is more expensive than AlgoExpert at $159 per year). 

Another alternative is Grooming the Coding Interview. This is more of a full-length course that features more than 180 lessons, 125 challenges, thousands of playgrounds, and hundreds of code snippets and illustrations for you to browse. Again, though, there are no video explanations and the emphasis here is on patterns for solving coding interview problems rather than learning answers to specific questions.

Some other alternatives to AlgoExpert include HackerRank, Learneroo, Coderbyte, and Pluralsight.


If you want to ace the technical interview and land a rewarding career as a software engineer, you’ll have your work cut out for you for sure! From knowing what to say to mastering the technical aspects of the interview (like mastering coding skills), it’s hard to know what the tech companies are looking for.

Hopefully, our review of AlgoExpert has been helpful in showing you the benefits of using such a resource to prepare. Not only does this online learning platform provide detailed video explanations and hands-on tools to help you master everything from systems design to data structures, but it does so in a clear, easy-to-understand, and accessible way.

Don’t just take our AlgoExpert review as gospel. If you’re preparing for an interview and aren’t sure where to start, go ahead and give it a try for yourself, and let us know what you think! 


Is AlgoExpert worth it?

If you want to land a high-ranking software development or software engineering job, you won’t find a much better resource to help you prepare than AlgoExpert. This platform isn’t’ free’ by any means, but it offers some of the best interview prep resources all in one place – no more digging to find whatever it is that you need! 

How much does AlgoExpert cost?

Unless you are interested in a SystemsExpert plan, you’ll pay $99 per year to use AlgoExpert for one year. 

Can I get AlgoExpert for free?

Unlike many competitors, AlgoExpert does not offer a free trial of its services. You can try four practice questions of various difficulty levels so you can give the platform a quick try before you purchase the subscription, but that is the extent of the free plan.

What languages are offered on AlgoExpert?

On AlgoExpert, you’ll be able to access content in nine different programming languages – Go, TypeScript, Kotlin, Swift, C#, C++, Python, Java, and Javascript. 

Is AlgoExpert good for beginners?

AlgoExpert is not designed for beginners. Although it has a wide range of content with hundreds of questions for users to solve and helpful, detailed video explanations for every problem, it is geared toward intermediate or expert-level developers who are ready to move on to the job-seeking portion of their education.

Is AlgoExpert enough for coding interviews?

AlgoExpert is one of the best places to practice coding and to prepare you for coding interviews, since it offers hundreds of questions in all kinds of categories. Not only that, but it will prepare you with the soft skills and other skills you need to make a serious impact when you interview. “Graduates” of this program have gone on to land interviews at prestigious companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more.

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