Professionals have to survive handling huge chunks of text, by carefully choosing what to read and what to ignore. This is why people seek out new approaches that will help them improve their reading skills while maintaining comprehension.

In desperate attempts to find new ways to read through large numbers of text quickly, while retaining a good percentage of information. Speed reading began to gain some importance in the world of information technology.

Speed reading involves the use of several techniques to enhance one’s ability to read much faster. Some of these techniques include grouping words, reducing subvocalization and scheming.

Speed reading is not just about reading fast, it is more about improving your learning speed. Learning to speed read is a double-edged sword, as well as it has its benefits, there are many other benefits to using speed reading techniques some of the side benefits are:

  • An improved focus: Many people fall within the average reading rate of 200 to 250 WPM (words per minute), meaning they can read up to 250 words in a minute. When speed reading, the average reading rate may double or even triple, this helps you build your focus over time.
  • Better reasoning: because of the large chunk of information you sift through, you subconsciously train your brain to sort out relevant points from irrelevant information. This newly acquired skill will help you with other tasks that have similar requirements.
  • Improve retention: speed reading helps enhance your ability to concentrate, this makes it much easier for you to retain information.
  • Better reading habits: we all at some point in our lives, had the habit of reading a book halfway only while leaving it on the shelf to read the other half later but then you never got back to it. This happened probably because we spend so many hours reading and eventually get bored. By speed reading you can read books much faster, this helps you develop the habit of reading.

Speed reading is a helpful tool that professionals and non-professionals use to boost productivity, as far as written information is concerned. 

Do you want to learn speed learning but don’t know where to start from? Do not worry, there are a lot of online platforms that offer speed reading courses you can take online, here are some of them.


1. Rev It Up Reading

Rev It Up Reading is sure to assist you in managing your professional reading tasks more efficiently. With well-established training exercise, Rev It Up targets the key aspects of good reading such as focus, retention, understanding and reading speed. Their strategies and tips will help you overcome your daily trouble of handling large text on digital display and paper.

Rev It Up Reading offers many speed reading courses online that are clear and easy to understand. The lessons are split into 9 modules each lasting for about 30 minutes. The total amount of time required to finish the course is 5 hours, with 17 exercises that test what you have learned.

What to Expect

  • Comprehend and retain more information.
  • Improve your focus without distraction.
  • Read a large chunk of text within a shorter period
  • Have complete control over your reading tasks.
  • Discover the relevant information in a given text much faster.
  • Improve your memory.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent reading text, thereby saving valuable time for other activities.
  • Decrease your overall stress levels.
  • Increase your confidence in the academic environment, due to your improved reading ability.
  • Enjoy the reading process a lot more.

With Rev It Up speed reading course, you will learn effective strategies that will help you read faster without sacrificing your ability to retain and understand information.


2. Spreeder


Are you a slow reader who wants to improve your reading speed, while maintaining the ability to retain information? If yes, then Spreeder is for you!

Spreeder is an online software developed by e-reflect in 2006. This online software goes beyond helping users read faster. With effective strategies and speed reading techniques Spreeder helps users get rid of their poor reading habits.

Spreeder also provides users with cloud storage allowing you to access your progress on any computer. It is available on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and Linux. It also promotes the sharing of text and group reading among its users.

Spreeder allows users to track their progress over time. As the only reading platform with this feature, Spreeder provides detailed feedback on your reading process by giving information on your speed and time spent.

This helps the readers stay engaged and motivated. Spreeder recommendation section helps users set and achieve their reading goals, ensuring that you stay focused and get the best out of speed-reading.

By downloading Spreeder you also get a time-limited offer on an audio training program that will help improve your vocabulary. Vocabulary building is an important aspect of speed reading, a good vocabulary base will help boost your reading rates and improve your comprehension.

By using this software for 5 to 10 minutes a day for 2 weeks you can be sure that Spreeder will double or triple your pace when reading written text.

3. SuperLearner 2.5 – Udemy

SuperLearner 2.5 – Udemy

SuperLearner is an online speed reading and memory-boosting course, offered by Udemy, it is one of the platform’s best selling courses of all time. SuperLearner 2.5 aims to reprogram your reading and memory abilities —so you can learn very quickly and effectively. 

What to Expect

  • By taking this course you will learn how to read 3 times faster than average while maintaining or improving your overall retentive abilities.
  • Learn skills used in memory championships worldwide to improve your memory capacity.
  • This course will also teach you how to absorb relevant information in materials in the most effective way.

This course offers lifetime access, it contains a 5-hour video with 7 downloadable materials—that will help you as you progress in the course.

You’re required to practice and train for 2 to 3 hours per week for 7 to 9 weeks in this course. This can be a bit difficult at the beginning, but with hard work and consistency, your success is guaranteed.

This course offers an additional video from YouTube and TED with a total duration of 90 minutes, this video will help you stay motivated and engaged throughout the course. This course is for people who love to read, professionals, students, or someone who wants to use effective learning methods while studying.

4. Iris Speed Reading Course

Iris speed reading course is one of the largest speed reading courses offered online. Iris speed reading course aims at making its users efficient readers. Iris offers 3 separate courses, from beginners to advanced level. If you are an absolute beginner, who wants to kick off your speed reading—learning process for the first time, then the speed reading foundation course is for you. 

This course focuses on increasing your speed so that you are able to read more in a small amount of time. It also teaches you methods you can use to improve your comprehension.

The reading foundation course offers lifetime access to users. It contains 16 instructional videos with 5 hours of informative content. This course can also be accessed on a mobile application available on Android and iOS operating systems. 

Iris speed reading also offers a mastery course, in this course you’re being taught speed reading techniques that will help you take your reading speed and comprehension to the next level. It makes this course ideal for individuals who have completed the basic course or have reading rates above average level but want to improve upon it. It includes 8 hours of learning with 12 instructional videos and a certificate upon completion. 

The advanced comprehension and memory course is aimed at helping users improve their memory, and understanding abilities through effective strategies. It includes 14 hour content with 30 instructional videos and a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

5. 10X Super Human Learning: Speed Reading and Memory Booster – Udemy

10X Super Human Learning- Speed Reading and Memory Booster – Udemy

Offered by Udemy the 10X Speed Reading and Memory Booster will help you achieve your reading goals.

This course is for people who want to change their reading habits, so they can work on a new project much more efficiently, it also is designed for people who want to adopt a better strategy for speed learning both in and out of an academic environment.

Whether you are a teacher, student, professional or business owner the 10X Super Human Learning course is for you.

What to Expect

  • This course will teach you to know when to speed read and when to slow down, to have full comprehension of the text.
  • Users will also be able to remain focused and engaged in tasks without distraction.
  • This course will help you improve your reading speed by 50% within the first hour.
  • It will also enhance your reading abilities, enabling you to retain more information.
  • This course will teach you how to sift through large text and identify relevant key information.
  • Take notes in the most efficient ways, when preparing for an exam.
  • Train users to read articles on-screen displays much faster.
  • Teach you how to learn anything faster than average levels.

This course also includes an eight-hour video with 13 resources you could download right from the website. Upon completing this course you will also get a printable certificate.

6. Read Better Faster – Speed Reading Course to Triple the Speed – Skillshare

Read Better Faster – Speed Reading Course to Triple the Speed – Skillshare

As the name implies read better and faster. This course will teach you top-notch strategies that will help you improve your reading skills. A lot of people want to learn speed reading, because of the potential it holds, however, many of these individuals do not know exactly where to begin.

By taking the speed reading class offered by SkillShare, the tutors aim at driving their users to the top 1% of elite readers. This course also targets teaching users how to read 1000 words per minute. It is divided into three modules.

In the first module, you will be taught how to calculate your reading rates in Words Per Minute (WPM). The second part of this course will teach you specific speed reading techniques that will help you increase your reading speed.

Some of these techniques include minimizing eye fixation and reducing subvocalization. The final part aims at making users efficient at reading, by improving their understanding and retention of written text. 

This course offers a flexible timeline allowing users to learn at their convenience. It also allows users to re-watch the lessons as much as is required by them. The speed reading exercises at the end of each lesson, helps users understand fully the concept taught in the lesson.

This makes his course valuable to freelancers, professionals, students, entrepreneurs, job seekers and anyone who wants to learn 3 times faster than the average levels.

7. The Speed Reading Process: Expand Your Knowledge – Udemy

The Speed Reading Process- Expand Your Knowledge – Udemy

This course is offered by Udemy, it aims at enabling users to increase their speed, by which they process large chunks of information.

By taking this course, enrollees are guaranteed to have a 3 times increase in their reading time. Reading 3 times faster is possible.

This course provides you with the techniques that will help you achieve your goals as far as speed reading is concerned.

The conventional reading techniques are flawed. This cause will help reform your reading by tackling these reading issues.

  • Moving back and forth: sometimes we find ourselves jumping back and forth when reading this can be quite frustrating, with the reading techniques available in this course you will be able to overcome such type of frustrations
  • Subvocalization: this is the common habit of reading a text aloud in the mind. This reading habit tends to slow the reading process.
  • Lack of attention: the speed reading exercise offered by this course, will help you in improving your focus. It focuses on improving your reading speeds through repetition and also enhances your ability to retain information, ultimately improving your speed learning process. 

This course offers lifetime access to enrollees. It also includes a 2.5-hour video, with 20 downloadable resources. At the end of this course, you also receive a certificate of completion. This makes this course particularly useful to all students, who intend to boost their reading and learning abilities.

8. Ace Reader

This Speed reader course targets the key aspects of speed learning such as reading speed, fluency and comprehension. Ace Reader acts as a propellant to improve students’ ability and reading efficiency.

It is available on all devices including Windows, Android and iOS and it also can be accessed on the internet via different browsers.

Its cloud function enables students to access their speed reading courses online. Ace Reader consists of many speed reading exercises, tests, games and drills that are self-adjustable. Ace Reader also has a tutor section that enables teachers to track the progress of their students.

What to Expect.

  • Eye exercise games.
  • Comprehension test that is time-limited.
  • Eye pacing drills.

Ace Reader takes comprehension seriously. The course is structured in such a way that comprehension takes a higher priority. Many speed reading experts say you need to eliminate subvocalization to achieve high reading speeds. However, research has demonstrated that it is impossible to eliminate subvocalization completely.

Ace Reader understands this fact hence, has taken a more practical approach towards helping their students read more efficiently. Ace Readers helps their students tackle poor reading habits, like regression, this is the act of reading text that has already been read within a paragraph.

Sometimes re-reading is necessary, especially for complex concepts. Ace Reader target regression that occurs as a result of the loss of concentration. 

By improving your fixation (the amount of text you can see at a given time) using peripheral vision, Ace Reader helps students read much faster and more efficiently.

While improving your fixation time Ace Reader also teaches students how to reduce fixation time (the amount of time your eyes focus on a point within a text).

This method has been found to skyrocket the reading speed of fast readers. Ace Reader will also help you improve your fixation time, which is the amount of time taken to move your eyes to the next fixation point. These speed reading techniques make Ace Reader useful to any student who wants to take reading to the next level.

9. Legentas

With many experts and tutors, Legentas is an award-winning platform that teaches speed reading online. By taking Legentas speed reading course the tutors guarantee, you will be able to read 500 + words per minute. Which is twice the average reading speed of most readers. Most people start learning to read at the age of six.

However, after learning to read, many schools do not teach their students how to develop their reading abilities. For this reason, bad reading habits tend to stick, even when we become adults. Legentas aims at teaching its students how to boost their reading rates. By increasing the number of texts, they can view at a time without regression.

What to Expect

  • Eye movement and improving visual range.
  • Tackling regression.
  • Minimizing subvocalization.
  • Active reading and combined reading. 
  • Reading letters.
  • Relaxing the eyes.
  • Higher order reading skills.
  • Selective reading (picking out relevant information).
  • Speed reading documents and accuracy.
  • Reading large text like magazines and newspapers.
  • Reading scientific and practical materials.

10. Rocket Reader

The need to keep up, by reading more extensively in this age of information cannot be overemphasized. People who can read faster and accurately better at learning new information, this makes them more likely to excel in their careers and studies.

Rocket reader is a speed reading online course offered by speed reading experts Dr. Simon Ronal, who is also an artificial intelligence researcher.

Rocket reader utilizes established methods to take you to the next level in your learning environment. This enables enrollees to tackle poor reading habits while teaching them how to read more accurately and learn faster.

What to Expect

Rocket readers offer many drills, speed exercises, practice exercises and time speed assessments to help students learn speed reading. Rocket leader has over 500 reading resources in word and PDF format that enables you to get trained at your own pace.

By training 15 minutes a day rocket reader assures enrollees remarkable progress within 2 weeks. Rocket reader also offers a 10 day free trial for new enrollees.

11. Super Reading – Mind Valley

This course offers a highly efficient speed reading method using neuro-stimulation, to help improve the memory and speed reading skills of their enrollees. Jim Kwik is the creator of this super reading course and is regarded as one of the leading brain coaches of elite professionals and celebrities.

He is one of the world’s top memory speed learning and speed reading experts in the world today.

What to Expect

  • By taking the complete course you will be taught, how to increase your reading speed and also boost your learning abilities.
  • 21 days of coaching sessions with expert brain coaches and speed learning experts.
  • Enrollees will also get a complete module of James speed reading and memory-enhancing techniques.
  • You also get a 4x bonus tutoring call recordings with the instructor himself Jim Kwik.

Anyone can benefit from this course whether you are a student, professional or someone who loves to read. This super reading course is structured to be accessible by everyone regardless of your age and previous learning circumstances.

12. Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed in 7 days – SkillShare

Speed Reading Mastery- Double Your Reading Speed in 7 days – SkillShare

This online course makes learning speed reading fun and easy to understand. The videos are available for enrollees at any time they wish to access them. Many people believe you can either be good or bad at reading, however, the word bad reader is more of a dysphemism for an untrained reader.

You will be tutored by Jordan Harry, who is the co-founder of Studyfast a website that helps with brain training. He has also been featured on TEDx and the video has over 2 million views.

What to Expect

  • Techniques to help double your reading speed.
  • Advanced methods for skimming / scanning.
  • How to take notes effectively.
  • Speed reading both fiction and nonfiction novels.
  • Improve online reading techniques.

This course offers lifetime access with an hour of video content, it also offers access to its many online applications that would help you achieve your goals. Upon completion of this course, enrollees will also be granted a certificate of completion.

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of online speeding reading courses available but selecting a course that doesn’t suit your needs will put you off very soon. But we have brought you these 12 courses after thorough research and you may find the most appropriate one that is the best fit in your case. Boost your reading rate with any of the selected speed reading courses and have fun.

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